What do I need to bring for camping?

Getting married requires three things: a house, a car and money. Field camping also requires three major items: tents, sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mats. Sleeping bags are an essential part of camping, but they do not make it very easy to snuggle up next to our loved ones at night. Zip together sleeping bags are the ultimate in camping convenience, and here’s the best camping zip together sleeping bags out in the market now

In the wild, you can’t move your house to the wild, and there is no high-end hotel to serve you, so where do you sleep at night? A tent is a “house” that protects you from wind and rain, mosquitoes, mice, ants, poisonous snakes and wolves in the wild.

Some people may have doubts, can tents really prevent wolves? According to my experience of camping in no-man’s land, if the wolf is not big, there are only two or three wolves, the wolf generally dare not rashly attack the tent that is much larger than it.

Tents can also provide an enclosed privacy space for you to do private things like tent shakes. . .

The second largest item is the moisture-proof mat. Sleeping at home requires a comfortable bed, but it is impractical to move the bed out into the wild. At this time, the moisture-proof mat can be used as your bed.

A suitable moisture-proof mat can effectively separate the stones on the field from your back, so you don’t have to sleep directly on uneven ground. I use more inflatable moisture pads. The thicker the thickness, the better the thermal insulation effect, preventing the ground moisture from invading the human body.

The third largest item is the sleeping bag, which is equivalent to the quilt we sleep in at home.

When a person gets into the sleeping bag and zips the sleeping bag, you are like a silkworm wrapped in a silkworm chrysalis.

The above three items are the core equipment for outdoor camping, which can perfectly solve the problem of sleeping and resting. The second thing is to eat and drink.

Pots, stoves, and fuel are key pieces of equipment in our diet. Don’t carry your big round wok with you. There is a set of outdoor flower pots, which are small in size and multi-functional. If it is in the plateau area, it is necessary to choose a pressure cooker. Because in the high altitude environment, the ordinary pot cannot boil the water to a certain level, and the food is difficult to cook.

Try a small folding outdoor stove. The most convenient fuel is a gas tank, which contains natural gas and is about the size of a milliliter mineral water bottle.

Campsites are usually chosen where fresh water is available, so bring a kettle and boiling water. If you have enough physical strength, of course, you can also choose to bring fresh water from home to drink at your destination.

Connect the stove and the gas tank, turn on the gas valve, and you can boil water and cook rice. In fact, it is similar to the configuration of cooking in the home kitchen, except that the outdoor one is a mini version.

The food I usually bring is dry noodles, rice, sausage, and spirulina. They are small but durable foods. Many new donkeys will bring instant noodles, but the instant noodles take up too much space and the energy supply is insufficient.

Camping: What other tools do you need for backcountry camping?

There are also some small items that are also necessary, I will list them according to the items.

Knife. Very hardcore gear, but can only carry legal knives, knives smaller than ten centimeters.

High Lumen Flashlight. It can be hung on the top of the tent for lighting, or it can be placed outside the tent for lighting when friends get together.

Headlamp. Can be worn on the head for lighting, easy to use and free hands.

Waterproof bag. Pack our clothes so we don’t get wet from the rain.

First aid kit. Place necessary medications and hemostatic bandages.

Compass. It is important to carry a compass with you to identify the direction of the field.

mobile power. A spare battery is also ok, otherwise, the phone will run out of power, and it will be troublesome if you can’t take selfies, and can’t contact relatives and friends.

Outdoor hat. Hats with quick-drying and breathable fabrics are required, and cotton hats worn daily are too heavy and not easy to dry after absorbing sweat or rain.

Sunglasses. It blocks UV rays and can be cool too. – Selfie stick. Alternative.

Barometer. Can be used to judge weather changes.

Gloves. Optional, it’s best to take it to mountain camping.

With the above equipment ready, you can go camping outdoors happily.

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