What to do in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW, Classic has become a logical restart of the most popular chronicles of the project from Blizzard. The game has become and is becoming more and more simple and simplified for new players, which led to an outflow of old gamers who had to put in more effort to mine gold, and wow classic boost needs to be invested anew, so the game developers decided to restart the project separately from the main branch.

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What can you do in WoW Classic:

  • Quest system
  • Professions

Quest system

The quest system has been and will continue to be the backbone of World of Warcraft’s leveling system regardless of the update, but the classic version brings players back to a more hardcore style of play, where you have to put in more effort to kill monsters and it’s harder to get good equipment and weapons.

A branch from the quest system is possible, but it’s better to follow the storyline in order to avoid dropping in level – roughly speaking, you will kill monsters and finish the level for much longer than you get experience for completing quests. An exception for usefulness if you are pumping professions, we’ll talk about this later.


WoW - World of WarCraft Professions
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In the World of Warcraft, professions have received a new life, because, unlike Shadowlands, the equipment and financial condition of your character directly depends on them. If professions play a secondary role in the latest chronicles and their leveling is more like a way to distract from the main plot, then in WoW Classic, professions play an advanced role.

It is worth recalling that the player has only two slots for professions, and you need to take into account both your class and the direction of character development. It will be ideal if you choose a bunch of professions that will help you get a finished product that you can use on your character or sell profitably.

What can you take?

  • Mining and Blacksmithing

Mining is pumped with the help of mines, which, in addition to ore, will periodically bring gems useful in jewelry. With the help of a forge, ore can be smelted into ingots and produce heavy armor, the characteristics of which will depend on the development of the manufacturing skill. Armor can be used for your class, or sold.

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  • Skinning and Leatherworking

There are quite a few animals roaming the game world that can be skinned. Hide is turned into leather through Leatherworking and is used to craft leather armor for the Trickster class. Goods sell well on the marketplace.

  • Tailoring

Tailoring, or fabric work, is the most independent profession of all, it allows you to create armor for magical classes, and crafting requires resources that are knocked out from monsters. That is, this is the only original profession that can be supplemented by any other.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry is perfect – as a method of creating magical weapons, alchemy, inscription.

  • Collecting Herbs and Alchemy, or First Aid

Collecting herbs is one of the easiest professions, because there are a lot of locations in the game where you can find herbs and flowers. They can be used as a resource in alchemy to prepare potions of various directions – attacking or defensive. Also, herbs are great for creating bandages and healing potions. Bandages stop bleeding, while potions heal and act as antidotes.

  • Jewelcrafting and Inscription, or Mining

Making jewelry is the most difficult and expensive profession, but also the most profitable, and therefore in demand by players. For jewelry, materials are needed that are obtained by mining and inscriptions – peculiar drawings that allow the master to make a precious product from them. Jewelcrafting brings jewelry with unique characteristics that enhance the character, or magical weapons – special spheres used by magicians.

  • Inscriptions and Engineering

Produce interesting turrets and auxiliary mechanisms that will help in leveling and prepare blueprints needed in other professions for the production of armor, weapons and jewelry.

  • Fishing and Cooking

The easiest bunch of professions. First, they do not require a special slot and can be learned by all characters. Secondly, it is difficult to find a more relaxing profession than sitting on the riverbank with a fishing rod, and then turning the fish into a ready-made dish. A pumped fishing skill will allow you to catch more valuable fish, and cooking will allow you to prepare dishes that will bring a performance boost for a certain time to everyone who eats it. The higher the skill of the cook, the stronger the characteristics and the longer they will last in time.