What Equipment Is Needed to Run a Brewery?

The brewery business in 2020 - prospects

Running a brewery requires more than just a passion for making a tasty fresh beer. 

In addition to various recipes and brewing skills, the following equipment is required to successfully start the brewery:

1. Corny keg

Cornelius keg is a small barrel of cylindrical shape used for beer storage. 

These barrels are made of stainless steel – a material resistant to rust and corrosion. The Corny keg can hold from 2.5 to 15 gallons, depending on size, making them an ideal choice for small craft breweries where limited batches of beer are produced or some new recipe is tested.

2. Kegerator

Kegerator is a refrigerator specially designed for storing and pouring beer in kegs. Kegerators come in different sizes, with a different number of doors and installation options. Most of them are designed to store one or several beer barrels.

3. Yeast Brink Keg

Yeast Brink Keg is a container that is used for storing, reproducing, and collecting yeast. Yeast is an essential ingredient in brewing, and Yeast Brink allows you to control the process of its collecting, as well as maintain a constant supply of yeast for your production.

4. Beer tower

Beer Tower is equipment designed to pour beer into a glass. It is connected to the top of the kegerator by means of beer lines.

Such dispensers come in different styles, can have a different number of cranes, and can be made of different materials.

5. Beer faucet

A beer faucet is a valve that regulates the flow of beer from the keg. 

As a rule, such products are made of stainless steel or chrome brass. In addition, there are models made of plastic.

6. Tap handles

Beer taps are installed on the beer faucets. They facilitate the process of beer dispensing and make it more spectacular.

The beer tap handles can serve as an excellent marketing tool, as you can put on them the name of the brewery and the types of beer produced.

7. Glycol cooling system

They are usually used in large commercial breweries or establishments with long-draw systems. This cooling system helps to maintain a constant temperature throughout the barrel, provides faster and more accurate cooling, reduces the risk of wort caramelization, and prevents foaming.

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