What Every Videographer Needs

Mastering your camera of choice is an essential aspect of creating great videos. However, if you want to up your game and become a better videographer, it can help to understand how you can use specific tools to make your shots more stable or sound fantastic. Knowing how to use the right type of equipment, such as tripods, external microphones or gaffers tape correctly, can send you on your way to becoming even more proficient with your craft.

Video Camera

The video camera you utilize for your filmmaking endeavors is usually the most important component in your gear bag. Choosing a camera depends on the style you use and your budget. If you’re planning on shooting static videos, getting a DSLR camera may be ideal. Utilizing a drone may also be an option if you’d like to capture shots from the sky. When you’re using your camera, one tip to remember is to ensure you’ve got excellent audio as this aspect is an integral part of the frame.


Learning to set up a tripod correctly can make a world of difference in steadying the shots you make. Having smooth camera work is crucial if you want to offer professional production. Ensuring you’ve got a proper tripod for your requirements means you’ll need to find one designed specifically for making videos. This type of tripod will have functionality that includes panhandles, adjustable drags, and a solid-fluid head


Blocking out noise by using a quality pair of headphones can make a big difference in hearing the sounds your microphone is recording. Getting used to utilizing headphones when you’re shooting video has the potential to make a big difference in the audio quality of your final productions. You’ll likely be wearing this equipment a lot, which makes it essential to find a pair that not only sounds good but feels comfortable when you’re wearing them.


Lighting is another crucial component to taking excellent videos. Depending on the shots being taken, you may need to be equipped with lights, lighting stands and carry cases to ensure your lighting equipment stays protected. One point to remember when using lighting is to only add it if your shot requires it. Reflectors and bounce cards can be used effectively to utilize the sun or an LED lighting kit.

Video Editing Software

Choosing a video editor to hone your style can make or break the success of your videos. Utilizing software that’s intuitive and offers several features can make it easier and more efficient to get your videos edited quickly and correctly. You should be able to stay in a creative flow when you’re working with software from an experienced brand that’s been assisting videographers for years.

Backup Batteries

Going out on a video shoot and having a battery die can happen periodically. Making sure you’ve got backup batteries available in your gear bag is vital. Bringing along a charger that you can plug into a single outlet can also be a game-changer if you run out of battery power the night before a shoot in a remote location. It’s probably a good idea to carry extra AA and 9 V batteries as well. One of these might come in handy for a microphone when the first battery you’ve used has gone dead.

Gaffers Tape

Having a roll of gaffers tape in your gear bag is also recommended. The roll you carry may be one of your most-used pieces of equipment as it can be utilized for several small jobs. Taping a broken tripod leg or power cords down to the floor may be required when you least expect it. While this type of tape may be a little more expensive than masking tape or duct tape, it can be worth it if it helps you get the correct shot.

External Microphones

If you’d like to ensure you’ve got a great sounding video when you finish your filming and editing, you’ll want to add one or more external microphones to the bag of equipment you carry. One of the challenges with built-in microphones is their inability to capture sound from every direction. You’ll find several different microphones available to help with the application you’re shooting. Clip-on microphones and handheld mics are popular choices. You may even want to utilize an external audio recorder to ensure you’ve got the audio you need for your final production.

Having access to the equipment you need to shoot and edit high-quality videos will likely transform the shots you take into even better-looking releases. Use this list to add to your video production bag when it’s required.

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