What Fleet Companies Should Understand About Truck GPS and Cameras

Technology is advancing in every sector and the auto sector is not left behind. Modern vehicles come with incredible in-dash technology such as 360 cameras, GPS tracking, and driver assistance, among others.

However, fleet companies still need to add more technology to help them manage their vehicles such as delivery trucks and passenger vehicles. If you operate a fleet that manages trucks, there is a lot that you need to know about the truck GPS and camera systems. In such a case, this article will be of help to you.

What is Fleet Truck GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking is a system is used to locate the position of a vehicle through the use of satellite-guided coordinates. Today, this has advanced to internet-based coordinates, which are more accurate and faster. Fleet companies can manage their vehicles using GPS software that is accessible via a mobile device.

What is a Truck Camera?

Apart from a GPS tracking system to show the location, trucks also use cameras that show the managers various events. Modern surveillance cameras, apart from those used to assist the driver, are also internet-enabled, so managers can monitor them in real-time from a mobile device.

How Truck GPS and Cameras Work Together

As mentioned, fleet management technology is advancing at a high rate. The companies no longer have to install separate truck GPS and camera and can instead find one solution that combines what both can do. So, how is this possible?

Advanced fleet truck cameras have GPS capability and will show footage of an occurrence and location at the same time. Many dashcams that are sold today have this capability and they use internet that is already installed in the truck. Since they are relatively small in size, they perfectly fit on the dashboard of a vehicle without a lot of distraction.

The Eyeride website has a list of the latest and trusted truck GPS and camera systems you should try. They also assist their customers with the installation if they are within their reach or give advice on how to do it successfully. Above all, their prices are competitive and will always give you value for money.

Benefits of Truck GPS and Cameras

Fleet companies enjoy numerous perks when they use modern truck GPS and camera systems. First, they get to monitor the vehicles they manage from a single dashboard with real-time location, speed, activities, and even HD footage.

A camera with a GPS tracker is of great usefulness in case there is a carjacking situation and the police want to know the location or view footage of where the vehicle is. Since it is real-time and accurate, saving the driver and cargo is very fast and efficient.

Furthermore, the footage from a truck camera is often used to make claims at the insurance company. Since their emergence, fleet companies have successfully made claims without a lot of struggle. So, it is a technology worth investing in.

Lastly, a truck GPS and camera system is great for solving disputes between the company and employees. It is used as evidence for any claim and increases accountability. Drivers who are aware that their driving habits are monitored become more responsible, and this improves productivity.

Final Words

With the above information, every fleet manager now knows some important information about truck GPS and cameras. But one can read a lot more from the internet. All companies with truck GPS and camera systems can attest that their companies have been growing while making operations a lot easier. For anyone who has not installed this system, it is high time to do so.

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