What happens if you answer a robocall?

Telemarketing nuisance calls

Answer the phone just to hear a robo message from a salesman?

Some of these calls are allowed – such as person campaigning for charity asking or donation or a school alerting students and parents to campus holidays – many are not, and some are complete scams. Unwelcome robocalls are the biggest source of consumer objections to the FTC and the FCC.

Unwelcome calls to phones where the receiving party may have to pay for the call are also illegal.

How to save yourself

If you get an unwelcome phone call of any type, including an unwanted robocall, do not try to outsmart the bad buy by intentionally giving out the negative information. Just hang up. Do not call the number back, or call another number they offer you, or press any numbers that you may interest to press.

To help restrict promotional calls from legitimate promoters, include your number to the national do not call list. Or add scammer number on Callmsg and Report Spam Calls.

Faker persons using robocalling techniques can be constant and will look for ways to remove your blocking techniques. Sometimes calling parties try to cover their identity by using a telephone number that they are not truly entitled to use, such as the number of a government agency or a legal business with whom you may have a connection, or a landline figure that appears so much like yours number that you might believe it is a neighbor or friend calling.  In this way they try to get you to respond the phone, and at the same time reject methods that would or else block the calling party’s genuine telephone number. This is known as “spoofing”.

What happens if you answer a robocalls?

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to save yourself:

Hang up as soon as you can

The excellent way to shut the robocall danger down is to hang up quickly before saying anything. If, you realize that the talk sounds unnatural or that the caller is asking unusual and shady questions, hang up as soon as easy. When it comes to robocalls, the less you engage, the excellent. If you keep talking, they will mark your number as active, and you will keep getting more bad calls.

Your credit card info is just your business

Any highly regarded business will be serious about your confidential detail and honor your privacy. Only in rare conditions might they ask to confirm a credit card and that they have on file, and even then, they should use just the last 4 digits. If a caller is asking you to give your information from the starting, be extra alert as the odds are that it is a Report Scam Numbers.

Do not follow the bots instructions

A normal robocall message is to request you to push one to discuss to a live person. They might provide you offer to unsubscribe from such calls if you touch a key, but you should not fall for that. By pushing whatever thing you will mark your number as a excellent one to call, and the fake robo-dialers will come back to trouble you again.

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