What is aluminum extrusion? Definition and Application

Aluminum extrusion is a kind of industrial production process. This production process has increased significantly in the last twenty years, and the extruded aluminum products can be seen everywhere in our life. You must have seen many things that are made of extruded aluminum but have no idea about aluminum extrusion. So, let’s discuss what aluminum extrusion is, what it can offer, and what it will be used to.

What is the aluminum extrusion process?

Aluminum extrusion is a process that the aluminum alloy material is forced by a powerful push through the tooling die with a specific cross-sectional profile opening. It can be simply explained as squeezing toothpaste. When the aluminum material goes across from the die opening, it will come out in the same shape. The most common and simple shapes that we always see are rod, bar, round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, triangle, hex, channel. Actually aluminum extrusion is very good at forming specific shapes for various industrial use, and most extruded aluminum profiles are with complex shapes. Such complex shapes are mainly designed for further assembly, assemble with two extruded aluminum, or assemble with another part.

Let’s explain this process more professionally from a production aspect.


The extrusion die is necessary for aluminum extrusion production. It is round-shaped tooling made of steel. A CAD drawing is almost necessary for die opening. Die production should be done and the die should be preheated before the extrusion process. When the die has been preheated and nitrided, it can be loaded into the extrusion press.


A shortcut of the aluminum billet is preheated enough for the extrusion process. It is pushed mechanically into the extrusion press. Then the aluminum material is pushed against the extrusion die. With continuous pressure on it, the aluminum material goes through the die opening and comes out in a certain shape.


The aluminum extrusion profiles are pulled out along the table at a slow speed from the extrusion press. The profiles can be quenched by wind or cold water.


The aluminum profiles will be cut by a saw to separate them from the ones on the rolling table. When the profiles are cooled to room temperature, they will be stretched. This is a process that pulling the profiles in the correct shape.


The extrusion profiles have to be moved to an ageing oven to be aged to the T5 temper or T6 temper. After ageing, the mill-finished aluminum extrusion profiles are finished.

What will be aluminum extrusion products used to?

Extruded aluminum profiles have various applications for various different industries, including electronics, building and construction, architecture, automotive, transportation, and general industry. It is used everywhere and this is the reason that you can find them everywhere around you. The aluminum window frame, the window screen frame, the aluminum door frame, the laser TV screen frame, the curtain rail, the handle of your closet, the lighting slot, the aluminum railing, the aluminum tubes, and pipes, the ceiling in public and commercial areas, etc. They are not like the ones after the extrusion process.

Actually, we get the extruded aluminum products in mill finish after the extrusion process. This is a finish that can be easily anodized naturally. Another surface treatment can enhance their decorative appearance as well as corrosion protection. The surface treatment can be anodizing, powder coating, wood finish coating, and super durable painting, and their appearance can be colorful. Look at the aluminum window, you can see white, black, brown, woodgrain are optional for the frame. Indeed, they are extruded aluminum beyond the colorful finish.

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