What Is an E-Liquid, How Is It Made And is It Safe?

E-liquids are an essential facet of the vaping process. It is the e-liquid that possesses the nicotine that you are looking to consume. Knowledge of what the e-liquid you are using is made up of, can help you better decide which brand or flavor is suitable for your vaping habits.

Although made up predominantly of the same ingredients, quality and effect can be different from one manufacturer to the next. Safety and variety are also critical to consider when making your e-liquid choices.

What is E-Liquid

An e-liquid is the solution that is turned into an aerosol, which is the vapor, or smoky cloud that you see rise above someone who is actively vaping. The e-liquid contains the nicotine that most vapers want to inhale. 

The amount of nicotine contained can vary. There is no nicotine at all in some, to cater for those who don’t want it. Others have between 5 mg and 20mg, which is the same as smoking between 10 and 48 cigarettes. The idea is that you would consume a full cartridge or disposable vape over several days. 

What is the Difference between E-Liquids and Vape Juice 

There is no difference between the term E-Liquid and vape juice. They are both terms to describe the same thing, which is the liquid solution that you refill your vape device with or the self-contained liquid within a disposable vape that you buy from places such as the Elfbar Shop.

Although the two terms are interchangeable, the correct term is e-liquid. The secondary vape juice term came about as e-liquid is a rather technical phrase and could apply to other applications, whereas the words ‘vape juice’ sums up exactly what it is.

What is In E-Liquids?

An e-liquid generally contains five common ingredients. These are:

Water: Self-explanatory as a substance, it is used to bind and make up the volume of the e-liquid

Nicotine: This is the substance that produces the cravings you might experience when vaping and is extracted from tobacco.

Vegetable Glycerin: Created from vegetable oils provides a slightly sweet flavor to the mix and acts as an emulsifier

Propylene Glycol: This chemical-solving agent is added to ensure that the other ingredients mix thoroughly and ensures nicotine is efficiently delivered.

Artificial Flavorings: Commonly found in foods and drinks to create an artificial flavor they are added to e-liquid for the same purpose.

Are E-Liquids Dangerous

E-liquids are considered a safer way than smoking for delivering nicotine, when the liquid is turned into an aerosol. However, risk is still present. Nicotine, much as alcohol, caffeine, and even chocolate create dependency. Being dependent on any substance is problematic and poses risks. Young minds are overly susceptible to nicotine, so if you are under 18 you shouldn’t be smoking or vaping. 

You should never drink or consume e-liquids in any form other than through vaping. Doing so could undoubtedly harm your health, and if you drank enough, it might even kill you. 

Although nicotine isn’t always present, inhaling anything can be a danger to the fabric of your lungs. In moderation, it is undoubtedly safer than getting nicotine from cigarettes. 

What Flavors Do E-liquids Come In?

In the same way that you mix drinks, e-liquids for vaping can come in an innumerable number of flavors. Irrespective of preference, there will almost certainly be an e-liquid you like. 

Of the most popular flavors of vape juice, strawberry and watermelon are just two. You would be surprised just how accurate these factors are; they really do make you feel like you are tasting these fruits. Of course the danger this poses is that the nicotine is so well masked that it can cause you to over-inhale. 

Other popular kinds of flavors include different types of foods, with candy tastes being trendy. Then there are drinks, both soft and alcoholic. Finally, there is the more traditional ‘old-fashioned’ tobacco taste and menthol taste, designed for the previously hardened smokers who have moved across to vaping.

Which Are Better E-liquids as Refills or Disposable Vapes?

Whether e-liquids as refills or disposable vapes are better depends on your viewpoint and preferred use case. Essentially the solution contained in both products is exactly the same, so, in theory, there should be no difference in the taste generated by a refill and that from a disposable vape.

However, with the nature of refillable vaping devices, it is easy to get cross-contamination between flavors if the device has yet to be rigorously cleaned before the flavor is changed. The cross-contamination will affect the flavor that is delivered and can create an unpleasant taste if the contamination is sufficient.   

With disposable devices, there is no possibility of contamination as the -liquid is self-contained inside, and the device cannot be refilled. This should result in a cleaner and purer taste delivered to the vaper.


E-liquids give life to your vaping experience. They hold the precious nicotine most vapers seek when they begin vaping. But it is delivered in a safer way, free of many of the hazards of tobacco. 

Mixed with a variety of other ingredients, such as flavoring, and emulsifiers, e- liquids try to ensure the experience is pleasurable. Some of these flavors are so good you would not know that you were not tasting the actual thing.

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