What Is An Instagram Growth Service? 2022 Guide

Everyone is on Instagram nowadays, but do you exactly know how many people use it regularly? You will be shocked to know! Hold your breath! It’s around 1.3 billion people!

That’s a lot of users, right? So, if you are looking for the most bang in terms of audiences, Instagram is the stronger option

While gaining followers on Instagram is like cracking hard nuts. This is where an Instagram growth service comes to light.

You would already know that gaining more followers on Insta without any help is a troublesome process. Doing things alone is not only time-consuming but also adds more pesky tasks to your schedule. And for that, you will never have enough time.

That is the reason why there are so many Instagram growth services and marketing services tools available for your help. But wait a moment!

What is an Instagram growth service?

Instagram growth service is a tool that helps you gain more followers and increase your engagement for you. Instagram growth service may be a group of social media marketing people or an automatic online tool.

Whatever that may be, growth service’s main purpose is to spend hours every day following accounts that are interested in your content, unfollow accounts that unfollow you, liking posts similar to yours and comment on accounts of influencers, according to you.

Ideally, Instagram growth service aims to gain you more and more followers so that you are noticed by well-known brands or helps boost engagement to your post that drives sales.

What to look for in an Instagram growth service?

As the Instagram growth service tools are different from each other, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Prevent any promises

You might think of Instagram growth service as a company that buys you followers. However, it is a totally different concept.

Always say ‘no’ to the services you offer to buy followers. The reason behind this is that most followers you buy will be bots, thus a total waste of money and, even worse, getting kicked out from Instagram.

Then there are companies that will lure you into selling a preloaded account; basically, an account already made with thousands of followers in the past. But this isn’t a good idea either because you will end up getting bots.

The last thing you need to do is avoid companies that promise you a specific number of followers because no one estimates the exact numbers of likes or comments or reach when it comes to organic growth.

Importance of organic growth

You would probably ask what the signs of a good quality Instagram growth service are? The first thing is to look for a completely trustworthy and transparent company with you.

Secondly, no company will promise you thousands of followers or even ask you to buy likes. Instead, they will discuss your organic traffic. (the term organic growth means profiles of users that get in touch with you without boosted distribution.)

In the same manner, the company should be transparent and make you understand how the process really works.

Now the question is, why is it important to work with an honest company? The reason behind this, you don’t want the company to use any foul means where your account can get banned from Instagram. And also don’t want to take the risk of wasting any money.

So, it is best to check Instagram growth service before moving forward. Also, make sure that you hire growth services that use the liking method since that’s the safest way to get real Insta followers.

Best Instagram Growth Service

There are tons of companies on the internet that claim to provide the best Instagram growth service, but how will you choose the finest from them?

We have selected some of the best Instagram growth services for you so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Have a look.


Ranked as the best Instagram growth service, GRAMiety claims to offer real followers that too in thousands. This Instagram growth service is 100% safe, set up in minutes, and is also Instagram compliant.

In order to get started with GRAMiety, you just need to sign up on their growth plans and brief them about yourself. After your account is created, state your niche, target audience, and similar accounts.

Then GRAMiety will do all the work for you by engaging with your potential audience based on your target accounts. And you will start seeing the results every month.

GRAMiety also offers a range of different services on Instagram such as Instagram Loop Giveaways, Instagram “DM Method,” Organic Instagram Growth, Instagram Engagement, and many more.

GRAMiety offers three types of plans:

  • The standard plan starts with $79/month.
  • The premium plan starts at $129/month.
  • And the last is the Turbo plan, which starts at $199/month.

GRAMiety also offers a money-back guarantee, which makes it different from other Instagram Growth Services.


Hypeplanner is another Instagram growth service that is popular among users. Hypeplanner can get you between 500-150,000 real followers per month. This Instagram growth service guarantees to offer natural growth and increased engagement on your Instagram pages.

After signing up with Hypeplanner, their team of experts will research your account, niche, and goals and will plan the best strategy that works best for you. Also, provide your competitors’ page to Hypeplanner, and then they will start engaging with your target audience.

At last, sit back and relax and see your Instagram growing.

Hypeplanner also offers three types of plans:

  • The standard plan starts at $79/month.
  • The premium plan starts with $129/month
  • And Hypeplanner boost plan that starts with $199/month.


One of the best IGS that you can blindly trust is Kicksta which helps you in getting real and organic followers by using strategies on automatic engagement marketing.

First, you need to create an account and provide Kicksta with some trial accounts whose followers are people you want to target. This target may include your competitors, brands, influencers, etc. And after that, the Kicksta will start engaging with them by liking posts of the people you listed.

This will inspire people to check your page and can even start to follow you; thus, making it completely organic. You can also set a filter to get the best and even track your growth.

Kicksta offers two plans where the standard plan starts with $49/month and the premium starts with $99/month, which offers more targets, support options, and maximum growth.

Final thoughts

As you already know that Instagram is a very popular social media platform that can really take your business to another level! And that is the reason you should get professional help from Instagram growth services to gain followers organically. So, select anyone from the above IGS and get famous!

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