What Is Audio Transcription And Why Is It Important?

Audio transcription is something that many industries both use and rely on for various aspects of their work. These industries vary from the legal industry to the media industry. As well as this there are many businesses which use these services. These industries use audio transcription services to make their jobs easier and to keep further documentation of important talks and meetings.

This article will explain how audio transcription services work, as well as highlight the importance that they hold.

What Is An Audio Transcription Service?

Audio transcription is when an audio file, either one just containing speech, or a video, is transcribed by a professional into a written document. There are various methods which this is often done. Firstly is the use of a human transcriptionist, these are fully trained transcribers who will listen to the audio and type it out word for word. This assures that you will get the most accurate result.

Another method of audio transcription, which is becoming more regularly used is the use of a transcription machine. The machine takes the audio file and types it out word for word, just like a human transcriptionist, only in some cases much quicker.

This method however, does not always lead to the most accurate results for a number of reasons. This is due to the fact that a machine’s software has restrictions, which a professional transcriptionist can pick up on. These include the ability to separate speech from background noise, and telling the difference between different peoples voices. As well as this, machines often struggle identifying homonyms and typing these in the correct concept.

What Are The Main Uses Of Audio Transcription Services?

Audio transcription is used for different reasons within a number of different industries. The use of audio transcription services also holds many benefits within these industries.

The legal industry has many needs for audio transcription services, and are useful services for lawyers to use for a number of reasons. Firstly, by having audios, such as witness testimonials and voluntary interviews, transcribed allows for lawyers to not only keep their records more organised, it also allows for them to refer back to important parts without the need to keep rewinding and replaying. These documents can also be easily copied so that in the event of a course case, each member of the jury has a copy to take notes on.

Another example of an industry which uses audio transcription is the media industry. Quite often when journalists interview people, famous or not famous, they will record the interview with an audio recorder, and give the audio to a transcription company. This provides material that is easier to navigate and quote when it comes to publishing the interview in a magazine.

Businesses can also benefit from using audio transcription service in running their company. This is because recording discussions such as interviews, team meetings and disciplinary meetings can all help cover the businesses back if they were to face an unexpected lawsuit.

To Sumarize:

To conclude, audio transcriptions hold many benefits to various different industries. This is due to the fact that at the time of any talk or meeting the most convenient way of documenting what is being said is through the use of audio recording. However storing these as records to refer back to is not as convenient.

It is much simpler to refer back to written documents due to the fact you can take notes on the paper, as well as highlight the most important aspects. This means that they stand out and eliminates the need to re-listen to the audio over and over. It also helps with organisation due to the fact paper is much easier to file, and also a lot easier to copy, if necessary.

This is why so many industries are using audio transcription as a convenient way of recording key information.

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