What Is Biltong and What Goes Well With It

For those individuals that are not yet aware, there is a trending meat snack that is known to be healthy and meatier. Its flavor is stronger than the regular jerky and it’s chewy. This meat is a must-try for individuals that have a craving for savory tastes. The meat is gluten-free and since its existence, it has been proved to go well with so many other ingredients or meals which will be listed in this piece.

The meat is known as Biltong. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to get your hands on a pack of it. Some people think it to be beef jerky. These two types of meat have some similarities, but the differences are well distinct. The texture and taste are well different, and Biltong meat is healthier than beef jerky. Before we go into what goes well with Biltong, let’s know what it is.

What Is Biltong And Its Origin?

Biltong is simply a dried, cured meat. Its origin can be traced down to the Southern African countries. It is a mix of different types of meat such as game meat, beef, and fillets of meat that are nicely cut into strips. The beef used for this special meat is blended with some spices and common ingredients like pepper, salt, blended coriander, and vinegar. It is just as stated above, similar to the nutritious Mahogany Smoked Meats jerky beef. It has been a popular meat snack in South Africa for some years now.

What Can Go With Biltong?

As stated above, several ingredients and foods can be taken alongside the meat snack – Biltong. So here are common ingredients that can nicely go with biltong.

1. Biltong Baked Potato

Instead of bothering yourself using bacon, to get a great yummy taste, you can try your cooking skill on biltong alongside baked potatoes. Each bite will dissolve in your mouth

till you can feel the spices and oozy cheesiness from the meat as it connects your taste buds. This will be a great adventure for you.

2. Biltong Salad

This is a recommended healthy dish by certified dietitians. It would be more of a special dish if you decide to make use of the ostrich biltong. This particular one is enriched with enough protein and iron. Salads can be spiced up by the taste of the biltong meat. Also, for individuals that would love to start dieting, this is an easier way of beginning.

3. Peri-Peri Biltong

For individuals that prefer their biltong to be extra spicy, hot, and still tasty and delicious, the peri biltong is just the best. It is prepared with chili that will make your mouth burn for a long time. So, this is more or less eating at your own risk. This blend is not for everyone but for those that desire this kind of taste.

4. Biltong Sandwich

Need to spice up your sandwich, then the sliced biltong will make an amazing cold cut for you. It has a strong and nice flavor and with small sauce, you can get the best taste. Its chewy texture will make it stay longer in the mouth and can last for some time.

5. Biltong Pizza

Many individuals desire to have pizzas with biltong topping. You may want to cut off the pepperoni and Italian sausage toppings for biltong meat. This blend of pizza and the biltong is delicious and smacking. A trial will thrill you.

6. Biltong Coffee Rub

Of course, for coffee bean lovers, the sliced biltong meat can be taken alongside your cup of coffee. Blend it with some ingredients to give you your desired cup of coffee and with your biltong on the table, you have a great pleasure to experience.


One of the reasons biltong is more appreciated is because of its high protein. It is a low carb meat snack that is made with several healthy ingredients. It’s just like the jerky, but when you have a bite you will know why it is different from the jerky.

It should be noted that some biltong is high in sodium and fat. A high intake makes one vulnerable to some kinds of cancers. On this note, it is recommended you take the biltong meat moderately to avoid unnecessary effects.

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