What is blockchain software? The Ultimate Guide

When we think about blockchain we imagine that its software must be incredibly complicated. However, this is not the case at all. It is simple to understand, but to understand it completely, you need to know what a database is. The collection of information which is stored in the computer system is known as a database.

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A database is a table format where you can filter out the data as per your convenience. It allows you for easy searching and filtering out the data.

What is Blockchain Software?

It is a system of recording information in such a way that it makes it easy for you to change the system. It is a digital layer of transactions that is distributed across the computer system. Blockchain software is also known as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

The faster and accurate the data the better will be the business. Blockchain Software can be used to make payments, order, account, sales, production and a range of other tasks. This gives great confidence for the overall success of the business.

  • A distributed ledger technology helps in keeping immutable records of business transactions.
  • Smart contract to speed up the transaction that is stored and executed in the blockchain software.
  • It contains terms for travel insurance.

Importance of Blockchain Software

  • Vulnerable record keeping system that protects from cyber attacks and fraud.
  • The transaction volume has exploded with the arrival of IoT.
  • We need to change the operation that wastes effort on third party validation and duplicate record keeping.
  • Blockchain Software builds your trust. It assures you that you receive accurate data on time.
  • Records can be easily shared with your members too.
  • It ensures you greater security. Valuable transactions are immutable as they are not recorded permanently.
  • Even the system administrator cannot delete a single transaction.
  • It increases efficiency. Distributed ledger is shared between the members to speed up transactions and set up rules.
  • Smart contracts can be stored and executed automatically on blockchain software.

How does Blockchain Software work?

The transaction carried through this software shows the movement of assets. The movement can be a product (tangible) or intellectual (intangible). It records the information of who, when, what, where, how much or about the shipment.

Blocks are connected to each other that confirms the exact sequence and time of the transaction. It protects blocks from being altered or inserted between two  blocks. An additional block strengthens verification of the entire blockchain. Therefore, it facilitates the blockchain tamper evident.

It delivers the key strength of the transaction’s immutability. It builds a ledger of transactions for members to trust on.

Block chain technology is more like a Google Doc. You create a document and share it among the members as in Google Doc. It provides access to each member for editing purposes.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology as it reduces the risk of fraudulent and cyber attacks. Blockchain software has gained huge popularity as it creates a vast distributed ledger. These letters can be easily viewed by the members who have the access.

Companies using Blockchain Technology

Winding Tree

This is a private company based in Switzerland. It was founded in 2017 and has reached a number of travel and tourism industries. This company connects with travelers and provides services of airlines, your guides and hotels.


Webjet is an online hotel booking company that aims at providing hassle free online booking. It is based in Australia and was founded in 1998. It launched its blockchain technology in 2019.


Based in France, Sandblock was founded in 2017. It provides airline and hotel service to the traveler.


This company has developed a Traveler Digital Identity System in partnership with WEF ( World Economic Forum). It was set up to help the global travel industry. Blockchain technology enables a free flow of data between agent and the traveler.

This technology also allows a traveler to gain control over their digital identities.


TravelChain is a Russian company that seeks to remove the middlemen on the supply chain. Blockchain technology keeps the system safe and secure. It keeps an eye on the token that has been shared with the traveler.


Based in New York. Blockchain technology helps in providing a safe and secured transaction that is essential for the success of the business. It reduces the cost and fastens the whole process. Blockchain technology cuts the role of brokers from the supply chain, hence making the task easier.

Summing Up

Blockchain technology simplifies the entire work of the trade process. This technology reduces the cost of the infrastructure. It fastens the processing cycle and also cuts off the role of middlemen like brokers.

It also provides an automated trade lifecycle to all the parties. It not only reduces the infrastructure cost but also enables effective data management. Blockchain improves the speed of the transaction and simplifies the whole process.

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