What is Cryptocurrency and What Is it Used For?

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Cryptocurrencies are decentralized funds backed by blockchain and existing in a digital space. They are used as an alternative payment method using encryption technologies. You can use crypto assets as a payment method where it is accepted and as funds for trading and investing. Crypto is also used for cross-border money transfers with no middlemen and low commissions.

To use digital assets (whatever purpose you have), you need to store them somewhere. Crypto coins are stored in digital wallets. The same as with coins themselves, crypto wallets do not have a physical form and only exist in the virtual space. It may be a wallet on your PC or smartphone, in the virtual cloud, or ledger. You should never forget the encryption keys from your wallet to access it anytime and make transactions. Losing encryption keys means losing funds often. But if you use a regulated crypto platform, it can help you restore your keys.

Now we have answered the question, “What is cryptocurrency used for?” Let’s talk about the risks of having crypto.

What are the Risks and Benefits?

Take a look at any crypto asset on the Coinmarketcap ranking, and you will see that the crypto currency price is never the same – it constantly moves up and down, following the market trends. The reason for such high volatility is that the market is still emerging and new and is too sensitive to different news backgrounds and other factors. Plus, neither banks nor any third party regulates digital space, so crypto emissions and supply are not subject to any central authority and cannot be regulated that way. All these factors make the market volatile compared with other financial markets or traditional types. Another risk is hacker attacks that are often committed on crypto platforms.

Along with many negative sides of crypto, there are many pluses:

  • the possibility to make a lot of money from small investments;
  • the opportunity to deliver money to any point on the globe at low fees and high speed;
  • many trading options that allow people gain income in the shortest possible periods;
  • many passive income options;
  • play-to-earn games;
  • etc.

How to Buy Cryptos?

The most reliable way to buy crypto online is to use a regulated crypto platform. One such service is WhiteBIT – the largest crypto exchange in Europe with official registration and high protection against hacker attacks. Here are simple steps for purchasing digital assets:

  • register;
  • pass verification;
  • attack your bank card;
  • enter the crypto converter:
  • choose coins you want to buy and the currency you have;
  • see the relevant crypto currency price;
  • pay the fee.

The count will arrive in your wallet in a matter of seconds. Learn more about crypto trading and basic facts about crypto on the WhiteBIT blog.

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