What is a Discount?

We all are well aware of the term “discount”. Discount is especially well understood by people who either shop a lot or are somewhat into “selling things”. But for people who do not know,
“Discount” is a term applied to the practice of reduction in the price of something from its original gross price.

It must be understood that the two terms, discount and discounting are different. The definition of discount has been provided above while discounting refers to the delayed time in the payment that a person who has to pay a certain debt is provided with. Both the terms are different as discount is the reduction in the prices completely and the left over or reduced price isn’t payed at all, while in discounting, the debt has to be made but after a delayed period of time.


Many people who are aware with the fact that the discount system exists, simply do not understand how it is made functional and brought under use. Discounts are not only made in terms of percent’s, which is however the most common system of making discounts, but it is also made in a number of other ways. You might have gone to a clothing shop with big colored billboards indicating that there is a 50% discount which means the price has been halved. However, it is not the only way to make discount. There might be a reduction in the gross amount simply in dollars. Moreover, there is also an online discount and promo code which is provided to the customers that shop online and the code gives the opportunity to the individual to avail discount which is a very easy method. The information about the amount of discount that one can avail through the code is provided upon the shopping website as well. It must be remembered that the coupon code is simply a code which can include both the alphabets along with the numerals.


People usually get very confused with the question of why exactly do shops lower their prices on certain periods of time around the year. This is basically for promotional purposes. Discount is a commonly used promotional strategy which is one of the most successful one because obviously, a shop offering good quality for lowered prices will attract a large audience. So it is basically a ‘two-way’ benefit which tends to benefit both the purchaser along with the seller. Not only do the customers get products for a lowered price but the ecommerce store also generates the revenue. So it would simply be unfair to say that the discount system only works for the benefit of the customer.


This discount calculator basically calculates the price of a product after going through the process of “triple” discounts. To make it simple, it is the discounted price of the product. The calculator asks for the gross price of a product and then it calculates for you the desired value of the individual product after 3 discounts.

Benefit of using this calculator:

Obviously, you don’t want to be unaware of the cost of a specific product after it has gone through 3 discounts. If an online shopping site or any shop/outlet tells you that it offers for you 3 discounts, then it would be meaningless to enter a shop without knowing the amount of the product that you are about to buy.

It might be very difficult to make calculations right on the spot especially when you are standing in the shop and are about to make a purchase. Going through the process of complex calculations is not only time consuming but it might not even provide you with the exact and precise price. If you are standing in a shop, the shopkeeper might guide you through it however, if you are making a purchase online and it has only provided the information about it having the offer of triple discount and not the discounted prices, then it might be a fuss to sit there ideally not knowing if it is convenient to make the purchase or not.

The calculator provides you with the accurate and exact price of the product in points as well. You don’t have to worry or be doubtful about the calculator providing you with the wrong value. Moreover, the fastness of the calculator is another product which makes it super beneficial. It is free to use and does not require any kind of personal information such as your email, you logging into it or making an account or even your name for the use of this calculator.


To know how to make use of the calculator, lets first refer to the basic interface of this calculator.

Image from discount article 434444As can be seen, there are 4 boxes on the left. This part of the calculator requires the information and the results are calculated and provided on the right. The first box on the left asks about the original price of the product or the gross price. The next box requires the percentage of first discount provided. Then it asks for the second and then the third. All the three are asked for in %. The information about the amount of discount is provided at the site or the shop of where you are looking to make a purchase. They tell you the % amount of first discount. The calculated price after the deduction of the discount is then provided on the right side of the page.

Let’s look at the sample below.

triple discount calculator exampleFor example, in our calculated sample, the gross price of the product was 2000. After triple discounts each of 15% (it is not necessary that the discount should be of the same percent every time), the total amount is calculated. Along with that, the difference between the original price and the discounted price is also known through this calculator which tells you the amount of money you have saved over your purchase through the calculator.