What is Emuaid & How it can help in skin infection?

Emuaid combines the healing power of emu oil and several other therapeutic nutrients to provide a safe and natural alternative to over-counter creams and salves.

If you’ve ever scoured the drugstore shelves looking for relief, then you know that it’s almost impossible to find a “clean” and non-toxic cream that addresses a variety of skin conditions.

Emuaid is a welcome answer to this problem. Only high quality and non-toxic ingredients are utilized to formulate this versatile remedy.

What Is Emuaid?

Emuaid is a staple remedy for any healthy home pharmacy and because of its therapeutic ingredients, Emuaid is useful for a variety of ailments.

The formula includes emu oil, tea tree oil, Argentum metallicum, and several other healing nutrients.

This combination of ingredients provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial healing. Emuaid can be applied to any external skin irritation.

How Can Emuaid Help Me?

An incredibly versatile product, Emuaid works by understanding the skin’s deepest needs – and restoring harmony and balance!

Emuaid allows your skin’s blood flow to be stimulated, triggering its own recovery faculties.

Emuaid can prevent infections in minor scrapes and cuts and can reduce inflammation from razor burns, sunburns, blisters, and bites.

Emuaid can also be applied to any topical skin condition including eczema and psoriasis.

All skin conditions have two things in common: infection and inflammation.

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are all classified as microorganisms. You share your life with trillions of microorganisms all day every day.

These microscopic organisms live on your skin and in your body. When you cut or scrape your skin, you open a door for microorganisms to get inside your body, specifically your bloodstream.

Once in your bloodstream, microorganisms can multiply and cause infections. This is why cuts, scrapes, and wounds need to be kept clean.

When you clean a cut, you wash away microorganisms so that they won’t infect your bloodstream and tissues.

But sometimes washing a cut isn’t enough and you end up with a local infection (pus) or systemic infection.

Tea tree and colloidal silver are both strong antimicrobial agents alone – when all 3 ingredients are combined in Emuaid, you have a guaranteed way to avoid an infected cut or scrape.

There many places you can buy Emuaid. Many companies online, such as https://www.shytobuy.uk/emuaid-max-first-aid-ointment.html from the United Kingdom sell Emuaid max ointment.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Emuaid?

 Melaleuca alternifolia

This ingredient is commonly known as a tea tree. It is a native Australian plant that has been used for hundreds of years. The oil extract from tea trees has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Tea tree oil stands up against common topical acne creams with most acne creams containing 5% benzoyl peroxide – Tea tree matches the strength of the benzoyl peroxide but without the harsh side effects.

Tea tree oil is recognized for its ability to kill numerous microorganisms including yeast (Candida Albicans) and many other fungi.

The broad-spectrum anti-microbial nature of tea tree oil is convenient for addressing unidentified skin irritations and infections.

Argentum Metallicum

This ingredient is also known as colloidal silver. History teaches that colloidal silver was a common treatment for skin conditions as early as 400 B.C – Hippocrates treated his patients with topical silver to heal wounds and infections.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, physicians regularly utilized colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic. It was prescribed for wounds, gonorrhea, the common cold, and epilepsy.

In modern times, colloidal silver is used to sterilize medical bandages, breathing tubes, and an infant’s eye drops. It is also available in liquid form in varying strengths.

Emu Oil

The indigenous people of Australia have employed emu oil as food and medicine for thousands of years.

Emu oil is primarily unsaturated fatty acids. Human skin is also composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

Because the fatty structure of emu oil is so similar to human skin, the oil is absorbed and utilized very quickly. In fact, emu oil is twenty times more effective than mineral oil.

Emu oil also acts as a nourishing “food” source to damaged skin cells.


So if you’re someone looking to deal with troublesome skin, Emuaid can be the answer for you.

Skin conditions can be incredibly difficult to live with: fungal infections can mar its appearance, while hemorrhoids, lichen sclerosis, and cellulitis can be highly uncomfortable.

Many products simply cannot penetrate deeply enough to successfully treat them, as skin is innately designed to keep external factors like bacteria out.

To get around this, a delivery system is needed that is able to penetrate deeply into the skin, to deliver skin healing ingredients where they are needed.

Emuaid antibacterial non-steroidal supplement that can rapidly reduce pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Emuaid has no known side effects and works in harmony with any medication you need to take.

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