What is ePacket shipping? And how it helps businesses flourish!

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ePacket shipping is one of the fastest delivery methods used in nowadays businesses. As the name indicates, the ‘e’ in ePacket stands for eCommerce. This means that it’s mainly manufactured for eCommerce establishments. This shipping is offered by salesmen from Hong Kong and China. These countries made an agreement with the US postal and many other following countries. The reason why business (ePacket shipping) is rising day by day is because of its amazing features.

Merchants from Hong Kong and China can sell their items to many countries more efficiently now. ePacket delivery service has enabled customers of the whole wide world to receive their orders in a shorter period. Customers can also track their items in real-time while their orders are being delivered. Not just customers, but also sellers have the access to keep track of their items for security purposes. Nowadays its rise in success is because it was specially designed to serve the e-commerce industry. Clients can receive their parcels faster and at a lower cost due to ePacket shipping.

Requirements to fulfill to avail ePacket shipping services:

Before sending any parcels through ePacket delivery shipping, there are a few points to ponder. Everyone is required to fill the following requirements to avail ePacket shipping. To ensure the complete security of the packages, ePacket has some rules and regulations. USPS plays a great role in ensuring that your packages and parcels are being safely handled and delivered to their right destination. To learn more, keep on reading!

  • Package and parcel’s weight:

ePacket shipping service doesn’t allow any weight over 2kgs for parcels. This rule applies to countries all over the world using ePacket services. Except for Israel, as it can get packages delivered to a weight of about 3kgs. Whatever package or parcel you are getting delivered through ePacket shipping should weigh lower than 2kg. This weightage not only includes the weight of the item but also the additional material. Extra packaging material, shipping box, filling material, or any other material if added should all overweigh under 2kg.

  • Minimum and maximum size of the package:

The acceptable length for a packet is about 14-60cm, whereas its width should be between 9-90cm. moreover, a circular package should be 17-104cm. the regular parcel or package length can be in the middle of 10-90 cm. and the width of both the shapes of packages is bearable to 2mm. all of these conditions are to be kept in mind before sending a parcel through ePacket.

  • Pricing for parcels: 

All the items that are to be transported through ePacket should be up to 400 USD. Furthermore, another great thing that ePacket offers is that it pays for damaged goods. In case of any item’s damage, ePacket pays damage compensation which is greater than other shipment services.

The advantages and disadvantages that follow ePacket shipping:

Every type of transportation service has its share of pros and cons. Just like that ePacket also offers its fairs share of advantages and disadvantages. Stick around to learn more about the pros and cons offered by ePackt to transport your packages from China and Hong Kong to the USA.


  1. It is one of the quickest delivery services around the world. You can get your goods delivered from China and Hong Kong in less than a month. This is why most sellers are operating best shipping for dropshipping business (Epacket) .ePacket facilitates its customers and seller to track their orders. Now you have the availability of real-time tracking your order and know about its whereabouts.
  2. If you are shipping or seller from China and Hong Kong, then ePacket is your best friend! It offers relatively lower delivery charges as compared to other traditional or standard ways. This is one of the best deals that sellers and shoppers can avail to get their items delivered to the USA from Hong Kong and China.
  3. Clients have great security terms that they are satisfied with by using business (ePacket). ePacket provides full refunding in case of undelivered items.


  1. While using ePacket services, the biggest drawback is that you can only buy a certain amount of things. Unlike other shipping services business (ePacket) has product limitations. Clients can’t go overboard those limitations and place their shopping orders.
  2. As compared to other shipping services, ePacket only delivers to a certain amount of countries. The transportation limit of ePacket is only valid in 35 countries. This point becomes a barrier for many clients and sellers who want to use this service.

How ePacket proves useful for dropshipping?

Of course! ePacket is one of the most famous shipping services.

The sellers who prefer shipping companies stay in benefit as compared to the ones who stick to conventional shipping services. This shipping service is very useful to both the clients and sellers. Both parties find that method convenient. By using shipping companies, sellers are rested assured that their items will get delivered faster.

Moreover, sellers can also inform the customers of the whereabouts of their orders. Sellers and customers can both track their orders with the help of ePacket shipping. This gives them a sense of security and also the timeframe of when their orders will reach their destination.

ePacket is made one of the best ways to dropship items to multiple companies because of its many features. These features add faster delivery and also tracking of the order. The better the features the better will be the customer experience!

Bottom line:

ePacket shipping is preferred by many businesses and is availed by many countries. Most businesses use ePacket shipping to improve their customer’s experience and rise in the eCommerce era. Because of the exceptional features of ePacket shipping, many are in awe of this fast and reliable shipping method! Just like everything, this shipping method is also bound by some cons but that never stopped anyone from shopping more with ePacket shipping!

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