What is EZ-Blockchain? How does the EZ-Blockchain help reduce natural gas flaring?

Flaring of natural gas is thought of as an environmental issue of the day. Although it’s only one percent of carbon emissions worldwide however, it’s the result of inadequate infrastructure, and is a source of energy that could otherwise would be burned.

Alternatives to flaring natural gas alternatives were the subject of various markets and authorities in recent times. But, these solutions have stalled in their progress since none of them can stop flaring completely.

For instance, the most sought-after flaring options previously comprised:

  • NGI recovery
  • Natural gas liquids are removed from natural gas and delivering to the market
  • Develop more infrastructure in order to move liquid gas.

None of these strategies have proven viable for the majority of producers of gas and oil as they rapidly become expensive. In the end, it’s been more practical for producers to just burn natural gas off.

The concept of building new infrastructure, for instance is a huge cost that will take the oil and gas industry for at least 10 years to fully recover. If the last 10 years were an indication, the declining price of natural gas indicates that the next decade will be an increase in the same pattern which makes any infrastructure expansion a negative investment.

Better Solutions to Flaring Gas Flaring

With the increasing pressure of government regulation, and with the market for gas and oil recovering from a drop in oil prices by 2020 The industry has shifted to mining cryptocurrency as a way to stop the flaring of natural gas.

Utilizing cryptocurrency mining using it is the EZ Smartgrid is an exceptional solution for its effectiveness and accessibility. It’s a natural gas generator that is used to power bitcoin mining. The generator is situated at oil pad sites and has a mobile btc mining container, which is where the electrical needs of computers with sophisticated technology are supplied by natural gas that could have been burned.

A mobile flaring reduction device is placed directly onto oil well pads and is able to reduce flaring to zero.

“Smart Grid is so-called due to the fact that it doesn’t require connectivity to the grid. The electricity generated is used directly on the site.