What is ITSM and how can it be useful for you?

ITSM is known as IT service management. It refers to all activities from designing, creating, delivering, managing, and supporting the lifecycle of IT services. However, this still isn’t that clear. What are IT services? IT services include everything from apps installed on your laptop, to the printer that everyone in the office uses.  It is all services that can be provided with the help of a strong ITSM platform like the one provided by ServiceNow ITSM.

Though, whilst many think that ITSM is just supporting, the service itself offers so much more. It is the management of all of these services as well as the ability to use them. But how does it help your business and what can it be used for? This article will give you some ideas

Why is it important?

ITSM has a number of important facilities that it can bring to your business. ITSM helps to regularize processes through structured documentation and delivery. It usually helps to save on costs by building a predictable IT organization. The service can help to bring your business actionable IT insights that will help in your decision-making. 

What are the benefits?

There are two ways in which ITSM can benefit your company. It can be useful for IT-specific problems and solutions as well as at a business level. 

IT-specific benefits include increased efficiency and productivity in the IT department with defined roles and responsibilities. It can implement processes based on the best practices and provide increased support to counter-regulatory and compliance challenges. Additionally, ITSM increases the visibility and understanding of what an IT service can do and can reduce the number of times that you have IT-related incidents ensuring you continue to run a smooth operation.

Business-specific benefits include a better understanding of what the business needs whilst also increasing the IT service availability levels. This will allow for higher business productivity. Not only this but the service itself is cost-efficient and will increase the value of your IT services. All of this will make sure that when you do have an IT incident the impact on your business is minimal and this can help you manage your expectations better. 

Why does your business need it? 

If you already have an IT guy, then you are likely already operating an ITSM system in some format. However, as your business grows it is worthwhile to invest in more mature processes to get the most out of your IT department. Investing in your IT department can improve the quality of your service and improve customer satisfaction which will ensure you have repeat customs. As well as this you can ensure that you have a competitive advantage over your rivals and increased flexibility for problems. 


It can be easy to push aside IT services as a necessary drain on your company. However, more and more of the world is becoming ingrained with technology so keeping your IT service management in tip-top shape is a great idea. You can stay ahead of the competition and keep your business functioning with no fear when you have a strong team in place.

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