What Is Link Building and Why Is It Necessary to Rank Online?

While there are other vital aspects of SEO, link building is one that you cannot ignore. Even the most attention-grabbing post will not meet its intended goal of attracting visitors to your website if there aren’t any links that search engines can use to follow.

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As Google crawls the web, it uses links from other websites to find your post. The more links your post has, the higher the chances that Google will find it. However, the number of links on your post isn’t the only thing that matters; the quality does too. Before we get in-depth, figuring out how link-building works, let’s take a look at what it is.

What Is Link Building?

A hyperlink, AKA a link, forms the connection between two different pages on the internet. A hyperlink allows you to move through other web locations and refer web users to an image, a post, or a page on the internet.

By definition, building links (whether locally or even doing international link building) is a process through which SEOs use hyperlinks from different web pages or websites to the target site. As we mentioned before, search engines such as Google use links to help them crawl or navigate the web. They use links to crawl entire websites or different pages of one website. There’s no doubt at all that mastering link building is a useful skill for SEOs if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

From our discussion, search engines use hyperlinks to:

  • Determine the ranking of a page
  • Discover web pages

Crawling a web page allows a search engine to index the content of a web page. This is how they evaluate whether the page is quality enough to rank high for the targeted keywords.

The number of links that direct search engines to that page and the website’s quality the links are from will also play an essential role in this process. If you want to rank well in search results, you can do it by ensuring you only link to high-quality websites.

Why It Is Necessary To Rank Online?

 We’ve already mentioned that search engines use links to determine your ranking on search results. There are, however, other significant benefits to link building. Let’s take a look at them.

Relationship Building

Link building will many times require you to work together with other websites that work within your industry. This is usually concerning promoting projects you’re working on, such as infographics or content.

This outreach will allow you to have a platform where you get to meet influencers in your industry and build relationships with them. Doing this ensures that your business is trusted.

It Allows You To Send Referral Traffic

When you use links from high-traffic websites, you can increase your traffic too. In this regard, the purpose of link building will not be for SEO but to increase potential customers to your website. If the website you’re linking to has relevant traffic, this could mean that the traffic sent to your site could translate into potential customers.

Building Your Brand

Focusing on high-quality links can establish you as an authority in a particular link and help build your brand. You can use content creation to help you build quality links. This shows that you or your company are experts at what you do. Let’s take a look at the following example when it comes to content creation.

When you create content, you have to take into consideration relevant industry data. Once you put the content up on your website, you become well known in your industry for the content. When you reach out to industry influencers to get links for your content, you display your expertise and have a chance at allowing them to let potential customers see the content.


When link building, it is vital that you attach something of high value to the links. A good choice would be a blog post, research that you’ve done, your homepage, or a tool you’re selling. While creating content for link building, it is vital to ensure that the content you’re linking to is high quality.

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