What is Medical Air Transport, and What Are Its Benefits?

It is not uncommon to want to move someone from one healthcare facility to another. Sometimes, you want to take a loved one across the country, but you foresee an issue because of a medical issue they may have. Because both of these processes are complicated, you have to contend with the hassle of ensuring your loved one is comfortable and cared for throughout the journey. An alternative to all this is air medical transport. In this article, we will be looking at what it is, who it is for, and its benefits.

Air Medical Transport: An Overview

Most of us are familiar with air ambulance services. This is where a helicopter is used as an ambulance or as a transport option for a patient or medical transportation. These services have several downsides; they are often prohibitively expensive, they only apply to short distances, and they are often meant for emergency medical transportation.

But what happens if you need non-emergency medical transport? Air medical transport is a great option. It is an arrangement where you fly commercial accompanied by a registered flight nurse. Your assigned nurse will help ensure a stress-free, safe, and comfortable flight.

What Can You Expect?

The flight nurse will take care of everything for you including arranging all your travel and medical needs. They will ensure that you have the right ticket, that you have packed what you need, and will arrange a customized travel plan for you. The only thing you have to do on your part is get in touch with companies offering air medical transport services to get everything set up.

Who Is It For?

Air medical travel is perfectly suited for anyone who would like to travel across the country and world but find it challenging due to a medical condition. You can arrange a flight for you or a loved one, and you will have a registered and experienced nurse assigned to ensure everything goes smoothly. This service is also perfectly suited for anyone who is wheelchair-bound. Traveling can be a bit of a challenge because you may need someone to push the wheelchair for you, help you get on the flight, and ensure you are safe once you are on the plane. Lastly, this service is also great for someone hospitalized and who needs to go back home or travel to another country for advanced healthcare. 

Medical Air Travel Benefits

This service is affordable. The other options are a helicopter ride for short distances or private air transport for longer distances. Both of these services are prohibitively expensive. The second benefit is the peace of mind you get knowing your loved one is in great hands. The experienced flight nurse will ensure your loved one is taken care of, and they will take care of all challenges and obstacles to ensure their light goes as smoothly as possible.

Medical transportation can get tricky because of the nature of air travel. However, medical transport options eliminate all these issues and ensure you or your loved one get the care for stress-free travels.

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