What is MPL? Is playing online cash games on MPL legal?

The global online gaming market generated close to $21.1 billion in revenues in 2020. Of course, the growth was primarily driven by the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns, but this triggered a new era for online gaming. While currently, 1 billion gamers worldwide are enjoying online games, the number is projected to surpass 1.3 billion in 2025.

What’s more, you ask? Online gaming apps not only entertain but real cash games. So you can earn money while enjoying your favorite games from the comfort and convenience of your couch.

The market is flooded with numerous apps offering cash rewards, and therefore, selecting the best app may seem overwhelming. However, one app that stands out from the rest is MPL. The unified online gaming platform is a huge craze in India and Indonesia, and it has recently entered the US market. Read along to know about MPL and what it offers for ardent gamers in the US.

What is MPL?

MPL or Mobile Premier League is the largest mobile gaming and esports platform in Asia. It boasts of a whopping 81 million active users in India and Indonesia.

MPL online offers myriad engaging games for iOS and Android device users across categories like card games, casual games, puzzle games, arcade games, fantasy games, and more. The app launched in the US with 12 exciting games, such as Block Puzzle, Fruit Chop, Solitaire Cube, Bingo, Spider Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, etc. They’re planning to add more games over time to keep gamers hooked onto the platform.

The games on MPL can be played only for fun or to earn cash. It caters to the requirements of all kinds of gamers. Whether you want to practice games for free and then play cash games or straight away start playing cash games and earn money, you’ll not be disappointed. 

iOS users can download the MPL app for free from the App Store. After downloading, users need to register via Apple, email, Google, or Facebook account. On the other hand, Android users need to download the MPL pro APK from mpl.us.

Objective of MPL

MPL was incepted with only one aim – to provide gaming lovers a single platform for enjoying online games they love while earning cash.

Gamers are free to choose the free games or the paid games, depending on their preference. You can play free online games to practice a new game and learn the tricks. If you are confident, you can try your hand at the cash contests and tournaments to win real cash prizes. You will play these against real-life opponents.

Cash games are played through various tournaments, such as High Score Tournaments and Beat the Score Tournaments. The former is a simple tournament that both newbies and experienced gamers can enter. You’ll have to pay an entry fee of $0.5 or $1 and make sure to score higher than the other players to win rewards. At the scheduled time of the tournament, you can try to beat your score multiple times with only one entry. The latter is reserved for experienced gamers because you’ll not get multiple chances to beat the threshold score and win rewards. If you fail in your first attempt and wish to enter the tournament again, pay an entry fee each time.

Not looking to participate in tournaments? Then, you can take advantage of MPL’s 1v1 battles. Beat the opponent to win cash prizes and rewards. 1v1 battles are fast-paced and well-suited for gamers looking to unwind after a tough day.

How is MPL different from other gaming platforms?

MPL pro app is reliable and provides the thrill of challenging real-life opponents while standing a chance to win real cash rewards. It offers gamers one platform to enjoy multiple games from varied categories. You’re sure to find a game of your choice and intrigues you. 

A major USP of MPL is its zero wait time policy. It means you can start playing a game even if there’s no opponent at that time. An opponent can join later and compete against your score. The player with a higher score will win.

The app offers various payment gateways to deposit money for cash tournaments and withdraw winnings. You can deposit money using Apple Pay, bank transfer, PayPal cash, or credit/debit card. Also, you can instantly withdraw your winnings into your bank account.

The platform is highly secure and trusted by millions of gamers. The app offers 24/7 customer support. So, if you ever find yourself stuck or need answers, contact their customer support team.

Is playing online cash games on MPL legal in the US?

Playing online cash games is 100% legal on the MPL app, provided you reside in one of the 37 states that permit playing cash mobile games. If you reside in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington, refrain from playing cash contests. These states do not permit online cash games.

Start playing online cash games and win big!

Take full advantage of the unlimited entertainment and earning opportunities provided by the MPL app in the US. Challenge real-life opponents in 1v1 battles or enter tournaments to stand the chance of winning cash prizes and rewards. Download now and choose from a wide variety of games.

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