What is POSApt? Why do Small Businesses Love It?

POSApt is an all-in-one POS solution posed to redefine the management approach of businesses in Australia. It provides POS, online ordering and E-Commerce websites, all integrated in one powerful system. This seamless integration of in-shop and online sales enables businesses to effortlessly streamline their business operation across all channels. 

Such a user-friendly POS solution has resulted in a marked enhancement of operational efficiency and a heightened customer experience for many Australian businesses currently using POSApt. Also, the system caters to not just one but a diverse category of hospitality and retail businesses with customisations available as and when required. 

Why Do Small Businesses Love POSApt in Australia?

Businesses in Australia, particularly in the hospitality sector, have a pressing need for modern technologies to stay competitive in this dynamic industry. Not necessarily because a competitor would steal away one’s customers but because the majority of customers would regard businesses with trendy features as the better ones. For instance, if you take two restaurants with identical food menus, taste and service, having a trendy feature such as a QR-code ordering system would drive in more customers (statistically). 

That’s why Australian businesses love POSApt so much. It is the perfect blend of modern tech and a simple user interface. 

It streamlines your operations and improves customer experience. Businesses can make payments faster so there are no more long queues. That makes your staff happier too. 

With real-time reporting, businesses make data-driven decisions, increase revenue, and ultimately achieve success. Online ordering in hospitality businesses simplifies the dining experience, allowing customers to customise orders and make payments seamlessly, which not only enhances convenience but also reduces wait times and minimises order-taking mistakes.

The POSApt E-Commerce system demonstrates its versatility across a range of retail niches, encompassing fashion, liquor, flowers, and groceries, among others. Its adaptability is particularly evident in its capacity to accommodate a wide array of product types and facilitate customer reviews, thereby providing your business with a streamlined and comprehensive selling platform. 

Upon acquiring the system, the potential for immediate sales is at your fingertips, as the provider takes charge of the initial setup process. Customising your online store to align with your unique preferences becomes an uncomplicated endeavour, further supported by a suite of specialised tools tailored to cater to specific niche operations.

They also provide custom app design services that cater to your preferences. In addition, they offer a personalised mobile app solution tailored to each individual business. Your customers register their information in your app and shop more easily. 

POSApt Integration Partners

  • Xero

Xero is one of the most popular cloud-based accounting software. With POSApt businesses can manage their financial operations, including invoicing, expense, payroll and reporting.   

  • LUCA Pay

LUCA Pay allows you to pay for purchases (including bills) over 4 instalments, due every 28 days over 3 months. With POSApt you can request LUCA Pay for short-term bill payment. 

  • Delivery Integration

POSApt offers multiple delivery integration options with 3rd party delivery service providers like Ubereats and Doordash. 

Top Benefits of Using POSApt

Benefits and features of the POSApt system. Let’s break down into its main points:

  • Streamlined Operations and Improved Customer Experience:

  • POSApt helps businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experience.
  • It enables faster payments, eliminating long queues and reducing waiting times for customers.
  • Improved efficiency leads to happier staff members.
  • Real-time Reporting and Data-driven Decisions:

  • POSApt offers real-time reporting features to businesses.
  • Businesses can use data-driven insights from these reports to make informed decisions.
  • This data-centric approach contributes to increased revenue and overall success.
  • Online Ordering in Hospitality:

  • The system simplifies the dining experience in hospitality establishments.
  • Customers can customise orders and make payments seamlessly through online ordering.
  • This enhances convenience, reduces wait times, and minimises order-taking mistakes.
  • Versatile E-Commerce System:

  • POSApt’s E-Commerce system is versatile and applicable across various retail niches (fashion, liquor, flowers, groceries, etc.).
  • It accommodates different types of products and supports customer reviews.
  • Provides a comprehensive and streamlined selling platform for businesses.
  • Immediate Sales Potential and Easy Setup:

  • Acquiring the POSApt system offers the potential for immediate sales.
  • The system includes an initial setup process managed by the provider.
  • Customisation of online stores is straightforward and aligns with business preferences.
  • Specialised tools cater to specific niche operations.
  • They provide free digital marketing services in Australia. Services like social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation for free for 1 year who purchase their POS system. 
  • Custom App Design Services:

  • POSApt offers custom app design services that cater to business preferences.
  • Businesses can have personalised mobile apps for their customers.
  • Customers can register information and have an easier shopping experience through the app.

How You Can Earn with POSApt? 

You can earn with POSApt by participating in their reseller partner program. Just send them an enquiry to become a reselling partner and they will reach out to you. Sign up for their reseller contract and you are good to go. Now every time you sell their product to any local stores in Australia, you will earn cash. As they have 3 systems namely POS, online ordering, and e-commerce, you will earn for every package sold. The more software packages you sell, the more you will earn.