What is redfin hot home in real estate?

Redfin, a website that provides information on housing market trends and home prices, recently released its list of their ‘hottest homes’ in the country. In this article, I will be discussing what Redfin’s definition of hot means, how they came up with these results, and what can make a house hotter than others.

What is Redfin hot home in real estate?

Redfin is an online real estate company that allows users to search for homes and apartments for sale, find houses and condos for rent, and get pricing information. Redfin’s data can be used to determine the “hot home” in any given area. 

Redfin is a great resource for finding homes and apartments for sale, as well as houses and condos for rent. The company’s data can be used to determine the “hot home” in any given area, making it a valuable tool for buyers and renters alike.

How to get Redfin Hot Home status

Redfin is a real estate company that offers home status updates for homes that are on the market. The Redfin hot home status is determined by how many DAYS the house has been on the market. 

To get your redfin hot home status, you must apply and wait at least 7 days after your house has been listed. 

Once your house has been submitted, Redfin will check to see if it is in the top 20% of all houses currently for sale in your area. 

If it is in the top 20%, then Redfin will mark your home as “Redfin hot” and provide an update every day until it sells or goes off the market.

Types of Redfin Hot Homes: Bargain Homes, Foreclosure Homes

Redfin is a website that allows people to search for homes in their area. They have a Hot Homes section where they list homes that are on the market for less than their asking price. These homes are often called “redfin hot homes.”

Pro Tips for Buying a Redfin Hot Home

If you’re looking to buy a Redfin hot home, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Know what you want. Redfin’s map of Seattle shows all the homes that have been sold in the past 30 days and are currently available for sale. You can filter by price point, size, or neighborhood to get a preview of what’s currently on the market.
  2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. The bank might not approve your offer until you’ve had a preliminary look at the home and have put down some money as earnest money. This is especially important if you’re thinking about buying outside of Seattle city limits or in an expensive neighborhood.
  3. Use Redfin’s tools to help make your decision. Redfin has tools like filters that show how much house depreciation has occurred in different neighborhoods over time, so you can get an idea of whether it would be worth it to move in now or wait for a better deal later on down the line. You can also use our calculators to see how long it might take you to pay off your mortgage and how much debt reduction you could achieve by purchasing a certain type of home versus another one altogether [source: Redfin].
  4. Be flexible with your timeline and budget. Don’t let yourself get boxed into any preconceived notions about what kind of home or neighborhood you should buy—once you’ve seen one redfin hot home, you’ll know there are plenty more out there that

Pros and Cons of Redfin Hot Homes

Redfin hot homes are a new type of listing that allows users to see the home as if they are already living in it. This feature allows sellers to get more offers and helps buyers find the perfect home faster. 

However, there are some pros and cons to using Redfin hot homes. The biggest pro is that buyers can get a better idea of what the home looks like and whether it is the right size for them. 

On the other hand, Redfin hot homes can be less reliable because not everyone uses them and there can be inconsistencies between how the house looks on the website and how it actually looks when you visit.


Redfin is a home search engine that makes it easy for people to find and buy homes. They offer free tools, such as the Redfin Hot List, which helps people find houses that are in high demand and have already been sold. In addition, they offer services like Redfin Property Management, which allows homeowners to manage their real estate property while still benefiting from the convenience of having an agent representing them in contract negotiations and other tasks related to owning a home.

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