What Is Second Citizenship? Efficient Ways To Obtain Your Second Passport

We live in an era of bright opportunities. There are many excellent countries that are ready to offer foreigners a unique opportunity to acquire legal resident status. What is second citizenship? Let’s see the definition of it and find out what the process of getting your second passport looks like.

The process complexity will depend on the country where you dream of getting your second passport and the program type. After acquiring your second citizenship, there is an open door for whole family to become citizens of a foreign country and embrace a lot of opportunities and benefits in terms of education, business, healthcare, and traveling. By continuing to read the article, you will find answers to common questions regarding how to get a second citizenship and will have no problems choosing the best destination for your comfortable and enjoyable life.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Your Second Passport?

In the era of globalization, more and more people are interested in second citizenship programs. It is a safe way to become a citizen of a foreign country without losing your main citizenship. You will be surprised to know that there are millions of people who are official citizens of a couple of countries. They are happy holders of two passports.

Before starting the official process, you should check the country’s immigration law and find reliable consultants to be sure to get a positive answer. Global Citi-Zen has a positive reputation on the market and has completed a lot of projects. Let’s see what motivated people to start such a process.

  • Tax Benefits

There is a wrong way of thinking that individuals with double citizenship are free from paying taxes. In reality, a person just gets the freedom to choose the country to live in where the tax system is more flexible and affordable. Before you choose the final destination, you should check for countries that can offer excellent low-tax opportunities to motivate foreign investors to apply for a second passport.

  • Travel Freedom

As soon as you receive your official second citizenship, you and your entire family are able to travel visa-free to a wider list of foreign countries. The list of visa-free countries is different for all passports, so it is better to do proper research in advance. By applying for your second citizenship, you invest in your future. A lot of travel, study, and work opportunities are waiting for you, your spouse, and your children.

  • Safe Harbour

We live in a fast-changing world. Any time the political, ecological, or financial situation can change dramatically. It is recommended to have an alternative plan in case things change unexpectedly. When a person obtains second citizenship it is guaranteed to handle the crisis more easily. It is a safety ticket to your new life and an opportunity to embrace a lot of advantages. As soon as you get your second passport, you are free to move to a foreign country and live as locals live without feeling any limitations or restrictions. It is nice to have a stable life in the country of your origin, but having a “Plan B” is worth considering.

How Can You Obtain a Second Citizenship?

Many of us wonder whether it is possible to buy a second citizenship, but in reality, everything is not that simple. A person is expected to earn the right to obtain citizenship in a foreign country. Here are the most straightforward ways to obtain a second passport:

  1. By Birth: if you have been conceived in a foreign country, you can get rewarded a passport and second citizenship. In certain countries, it is the right by birth.
  2. By Naturalization: a new applicant has to meet the official requirements. The process of naturalization can be pretty long. It starts with obtaining a temporary residence, then a permanent residence, and ends with second citizenship.
  3. By Marriage: if you have a partner from abroad, you have the right to obtain a second citizenship and passport.
  4. By Descent: if one of your parents/family members has the same blood, you have the right to obtain double citizenship. All kids can get double citizenship as their parents, even if they were not born in the country.
  5. By Investment: it is a secure and the most straightforward way of obtaining a second passport. There are a lot of countries that are willing to grant a passport to foreign investors.


Citizenship by investment is the most popular program. Every family has the opportunity to obtain citizenship and get access to numerous advantages. If you have some funds to invest, this article should motivate you to get a second passport. It is your chance to visit many beautiful destinations and access the lifestyle you have been dreaming of for so long. You should not be afraid to settle in a foreign country. Make sure you make the best choice in terms of doing a career/business, studying, and living better. 

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