What is SEO and Why Does My Brand Need It?

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As the world turns more and more to the internet to find the products and services they need, having an effective website that offers everything your brand needs to compete in today’s global marketplace is becoming crucial. You need to partner with an experienced, data-driven SEO agency to reap the benefits of what the internet can offer. But what is SEO and why does my brand need it to compete in the digital era?

Maybe the best explanation of what SEO is, is to compare it to the automobile industry. You can look at website developers as being like car manufacturers. They can build a nice-looking car. But it performs only as well as every other vehicle they make. The SEO team is like a racing pit crew. It can take the most ordinary sedan and make it out-perform every other car on the racetrack. And this is what every brand needs when faced with increasing competition.

What is SEO - Why does my brand need it

Importance of SEO

A brand’s website in the digital marketing era is often your target audience’s first introduction to your company. It serves the welcoming door into your brand. It should relate your brand’s message consistently across all pages of the site. It offers useful information about your industry. It also is increasingly providing a listing of your products and services, as well as serving as a sales channel where customers can buy directly from the site.

But to perform effectively in offering all these different functions, your brand’s website has to be set up correctly. Many people can buy a domain name and use templates to set up a flashy, colourful website. But unless you partner with an expert SEO agency that can make the most of the capabilities of your domain, you’ll soon find your website sinking in the page rankings and losing market share against your competitors.

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Website Developers Are Not SEO Agencies

Using a website developer may be less expensive, and may be tempting for a brand that is trying to keep a tight rein on expenses. But these website developers usually specialise in graphic design. They can create a website that is beautiful and presents an inviting image for your brand, but it doesn’t provide a lot of functionality. And functionality is what is most important in a business website.

The SEO agency, on the other hand, approaches website development from the standpoint of providing functionality first. They spend time learning about your brand’s needs and future goals. Then they engineer your website to provide the functions and capabilities that will satisfy those needs well into the future.

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Staying Competitive is a Continual Battle

Partnering with an experienced SEO team also provides your brand with the best resource you can find to stay competitive in your industry. They will continue to refresh your website with new content so your brand will remain in the public’s eye. They can introduce a vast array of marketing campaigns that increase traffic to your website and so, increase conversions as well.

They can also implement any number of direct sales and transactional platforms that will convert your website into a money-earner for your brand.

It all starts with partnering with an experienced and qualified SEO agency to turn your brand’s website into an accurate representation of what your brand can offer to your customers.

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