What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

What is text messaging marketing and how does it work?

No one would deny that communicating with customers is a great way to increase the brand’s awareness. Sending regular reminders about your services will allow maintaining contact and create a strong relationship.

Since the length of text messages is limited, you’ll need to be succinct in expressing your objectives.

It is easy to understand that this communication method is promising. First, you should pay attention to the low cost of implementing this method. Moreover, keep in mind that SMS marketing can improve conversion rates in just a few campaigns.

What exactly is SMS marketing?

Sending short messages is one of the most popular ways of communication between customers and sellers. The method isn’t new, but it shouldn’t be rejected. Large companies and smaller organizations have successfully launched mailings, and other service providers are encouraged to do so as well.

The term «mass SMS sending» means using text messages to distribute useful information. Messages allow telling interested customers about upcoming promotions, changes in opening hours, and order execution time. In addition, it’s a good way to remind customers about yourself.

What are the benefits of mass texting?

The necessity of using bulk text services is due to the fact that it provides many advantages. First and foremost, it is worth highlighting the fast open rate and familiarity with the content of messages. Statistics show that the majority of SMS are read within a few minutes after their delivery.

It is possible to evaluate the results of the performed work rather quickly because additional sources of information from the official website are specified in the text. The advantageous characteristics of the mass SMS marketing are

  1. Fast deliverability. Since the message can be opened without an internet connection, every recipient has the opportunity to read the content.
  2. Interest rekindling. Constant reminders about your brand will increase your recognition and credibility. Point out your organization’s name and don’t let customers doubt about you.
  3. Brevity. The chance to provide useful information in bulk SMS marketing is definitely noteworthy. Buyers need minimal time to read the content, and then they make a decision quickly.

And, of course, it is worth mentioning that bulk SMS marketing is the preferred method of communication for clients. According to customers, it is much more pleasant to receive a notification in this format than to search for the necessary information in a long e-mail letter.

Who can use it?

Many doubts remain despite the popularity of bulk SMS messages. Not every company can get the most out of bulk SMS, but this does not mean that this communication method will be useful only for «specific» service providers.

The great news is that short message marketing comes in handy for everyone, and the line of business doesn’t matter. Take care to prepare a newsletter to notify customers about the status of their order, the launch of a new promotion, and as well as about:

  • the change in work schedule;
  • the arrival of unique products;
  • plans to sell out the old collection.

The main aspect is that you do not need to look for an occasion to create a mailing list, because you can always thank customers for choosing your company or congratulate them on a holiday.

How exactly does SMS mass texting work?

If you’re thinking about creating and sending bulk texts, it’s worth taking a closer look at how this method works. First, it should be noted that the effectiveness of sending bulk texts is determined by the main indicators (open rates, delivery rates, conversions).

It is possible to collect the necessary data if a specific platform is used. The offered tools allow not only to create a newsletter but also to generate informative reports. Delivery date, opening time, and much more will be available for analysis.

BSG World — a leading bulk SMS provider

Since the question «What is SMS marketing?» is answered, it is worth paying attention to the benefits of choosing a reliable platform. Users not only get a great opportunity to contact customers, but also many other positive aspects.

To use the mass SMS service without any problems, you will need to compile your own base of numbers. Customers have to give their permission to receive information on their phones. To do this, special forms are provided, and contact information is requested during the order placement.

Implementing an effective communication channel allows to:

  • configure the start time for sending messages without employees;
  • collect information about recipients’ actions, including the number of clicks on the link;
  • create a unique sender name to identify the brand.

Use the secure bulk SMS API and get instant results from your advertising campaigns.


The lack of an alternative makes it necessary to use a practical bulk text service. The platform allows to analyze the actions and evaluate the reaction of recipients to the received messages. A proven bulk SMS marketing tool will be a great helper for small and medium-sized businesses.

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