What is the difference between 10 Gbit and NVMe dedicated servers?

Most users often ask what server to choose for better work. Some may advise a dedicated one with a 10 Gbit port. Others may say that NVMe equipment is better. Let’s take a look and compare the two to see what type of hosting is better.

Logically, these are interconnected branches. 10 Gbit is the bandwidth equal to the Wi-Fi 6 E standard. NVMe is the storage. You can install the non-volatile memory module inside the server to exploit it without any problems. But the memory is expensive enough, so it has limited possibilities to develop yet.

These categories are mainly commercial. It helps to separate the full palette of the high-speed solution from the variety of dedicated servers with NVMe servers.

VSYS Host has a collection of fully unmetered 10 Gbps server ideas. There are three universal plans for different private and business tasks. They will be suitable for small and medium home or business networks. For example, Kyiv’s Pro 10G plan suggests only 250 GB of solid-state disk memory. Supreme 10G proposes the choice between the upper-mentioned SSDs and NVMe modules. Fortunately, the Amsterdam and Seattle data centers’ price lists start from 1 TB and use only solid memory. Other parameters are similar: the Intel processor with frequency 2,1 GHz and higher, 32 to 128 GB RAM, and typical features like IPs, SSH, and control panels.

These are not single options. Our company provides high-quality streaming services. Each server listed on the streaming services page has only a 10G port, but the package includes only 2 GBps unmetered bandwidth. But the user can raise it to 10 and more.

An NVMe dedicated server uses 1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth with comprehensive, configurable options. The maximum capacity is 8 TB (2x4TB modules) per 128 GB RAM. An Intel CPU 2,3 GHz minimum is the heart of that system. The bandwidth is at least 1 Gbps.

Each server has upgrade potential. That means you can replace the DUAL Silver 4116 CPU on the modern chassis. Or install the compatible graphic processor unit to widen the website performance. Add or remove excessive memory in the server’s inner structure bounds. Our team will inform you if your request exceeds the capabilities.

Now you know the difference between the 10GBps and NVME dedicated servers. Choose your favorite one and order it, paying in any way you want.

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