What is the importance of Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is used by marketers primarily to predict consumer behavior and improve the effectiveness of brand communication.

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However, analysis and control is only one side of marketing; its second side – creativity, is no less important, since it is the only means of differentiating brands from each other. Therefore, today we are exploring what roles machine learning and / or creative intelligence (CI) can play in the marketing of the future.

Artificial intelligence as a driver of digital transformation

The first phase of the digital revolution at the turn of the millennium focused on building digital infrastructure and digitizing products and services. The following years were associated with:

  1. conceptualization;
  2. design and creation of digital distribution channels;
  3. building sustainable digital business models.

Currently, the development of artificial intelligence is moving towards digital transformation and contributes to its development. In recent years, with ever more powerful processors, larger amounts of data, and increasingly sophisticated algorithms, machines have begun to learn.

These processes marked the beginning of a development phase that can no longer be stopped, and which may well become a turning point for a large number of sectors and industries. AI is currently revolutionizing medical diagnostics, enabling autonomous driving, using predictive analysis to plan production facilities, helping to proactively detect fraudulent attempts and supporting communication in so-called “robo-consultants” format. While many related ethical and legal questions remain to be answered, an increasing number of people are talking to Siri and Alex, and talking to bots. AI is being introduced into our daily lives, changing the rules of the game in many areas of the economy and, in the course of these events, inevitably transforms marketing as well. That is why to hire ai engineers is the best variant.

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence is used in marketing primarily to improve the efficiency of marketing communications. However, analysis, control and management are only one side of marketing; creativity is as important as the only way brands can differentiate from one another.

Artificial (digital) creativity

Creativity is the last “bastion” of humanity, into which artificial intelligence cannot penetrate. However, if, at first glance, this view seems plausible, we are probably wrong in assuming that machines can only analyze what exists and are not able to create something new. Today, digital creativity stands out as an area of ​​research where scientists and artists work together to understand what artificial intelligence is capable of. AI is already finding applications in a variety of creative disciplines and is showing amazing and unexpected results. For example, after just 20 minutes of “training” with a real human voice, Adobe’s Voco audio encoding software can synthesize and copy sound 1: 1.

Artificial Intelligence and Campaign Creation

In essence, the creative process can be divided into divergent and convergent thinking: while divergent thinking is the creation of as many completely different, ideally unprecedented and, sometimes, crazy ideas as possible, convergent thinking seeks to identify and highlight the idea with the greatest potential for its subsequent optimization and development.

Both divergent and convergent thinking have tasks that artificial intelligence can perform. Building on current advances in computational creativity, AI can essentially take on five different roles in the creative process:

  •  as a creator
  •  as a working tool
  •  as an assistant
  •  as a controller

In the process of project completion, AI can ensure that completed projects and proposals fall within previously defined requirements and / or constraints.

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