What is the Lateral Flow Test?

Basically, a diagnostic tool is easy to use to verify whether or not there is a specific analysis, such as human or animal infection or biomarkers, or contamination of the water supply, food, or feed of animals.

LFC usually consists of a control line, which ensures that the test works well with one or more target lines or test lines. They are designed for specific user processes and require minimal training. Recent flow tests are often used for point-of-care health assessments. They can be operated by a health care provider or patient and in a variety of settings, including a laboratory, clinic, or home. There are strict standards for the control of all aspects of the medical diagnostic industry and Abingdon Health is able to advice on this process. Due to the diversity of time testing, medicinal drugs, environmental tests, animal health, food and nutrition tests, and plant and plant health are also used in many other industries.   

How do Lateral Flow Cassettes work?

They yield results by the use of immunoassay technology, which includes nitrocellulose membranes, stained nanoparticles (or labels), and, in most cases, the immune system. It is expected that when a sample is added, it will flow towards the test device, through the conjugate pad to the nitrocellulose membrane, and into the suction pad. The things in the following list demonstrate how the sandwich analysis works. Alternatively, you may watch the video by clicking on the play button on this image.

The sample pad is used as the initial stage in the absorption process, and it may have filters to guarantee that the sample flow is correct and controlled. The material is accepted by the assembly pad, which contains tagged labels as well as antibodies. Weakening antibodies and labels will bind to a target if one exists, and the target will be subjected to further testing.

As the sample goes through the device, the binding reagents present in the nitrocellulose membrane will bond to the target in the test line, allowing the sample to be identified. A colorful line will be drawn, with the width and length of the line varying depending on the number of targets that are available. Some objectives may necessitate quantification in order to determine the intended focus. You can combine a brief test with a student to obtain measurement data in this situation.

After passing through the nitrocellulose membrane, the sample will be drawn into the suction pad. The extra sample will be absorbed by the pull pad. The characteristics of the suction pad will have an impact on the amount of samples that can be evaluated.


  • One channel:

The normal size is 70mm * 20mm, which corresponds to a stripe size of 3mm * 60mm or 4mm * 60mm.

  • Multichannel:

It depends on the number of stripes on the side, but the stripe size is 3mm * 60mm or 4mm * 60mm. A rapid drug test kit is commonly used.

  • Midstream flow cassette:

It is especially for HCG express test, single-channel, long shaped like a pen, 10mm * 20mm, strip size, width 3mm or 4mm; the length depends on the design of the cassette and ranges from 6 mm to 10 mm.

Common Design and Method

A common design method for a side-flow cassette (LFI cassette) is for the instrument manufacturer to transfer the fiber parts to the industrial or engineering firm that designs the cassette. In most cases, this happens towards the end of the development phase. The ribbon-making process was then carried out in a repetitive manner, from the fastest parts of the image using an inexpensive mold to insertion into a production mold.

As experimental engineers, it has long been recognized that this element of the development process can lead to annoying delays and cost overruns if used differently in a test. This is due to a variety of factors, including early cassette formation and integration into the process, the need for more suppliers to run the assay and cassette, and the standard OEM cassette engineers that often follow when each cassette is typically created from scratch. The use of standard design features, the formation of low cost, and methods of integration.

Are lateral flow cassettes compatible with all tests strips?

A side flow cassette can be used for any side flow tests that are performed. It has the capability of performing hundreds of side flow tests. As an illustration:

  • Testing for the safety of fast food.
  • Mycotoxin testing kit for use in the field.
  • Antibiotic Rapid Test Kit (also known as an ART Kit).
  • Perform a beta-lactamase test.
  • Rapid drug testing kit (also known as a drug screening tool).
  • Testing for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
  • Immediate HIV testing and treatment.
  • Immediate testing for malaria should be performed.