What is the Metaverse & How Does Crypto Fit into the Metaverse?

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‘Metaverse’ is currently one of the most discussed words in tech. It is a topic of hot debate among game and software developers and across industries including gaming, crypto, and social media. It has certainly become a phenomenon that features many platforms with growing crypto integrations. So, what is a metaverse and how is it related to the crypto world? Find out answers to these questions in this guide.

What is Metaverse?

A metaverse is a shared and immersive virtual world where players interact with each other, build experiences, and develop in-world landscapes and objects. A metaverse will have its own unique economy and currencies. Users can use these currencies to purchase, sell, and trade digital avatar accessories, real estate, and other objects.

You can experience the metaverse using a virtual reality headset, smartphone, or computer system.

So What is Crypto Metaverse?

Crypto metaverses are immersive virtual reality (VR) ecosystems with huge financial and social potential. They rely on blockchain infrastructure to leverage the broader crypto economy. This allows the exchange of virtual items against real economic value.

Metaverses are expected to play a central role in the next stage of blockchain online games. This will be achieved through the incorporation of immersive VR environments, the high-engagement playability of games, the value of crypto, and the networking capability of social media.

Online gaming can address the 3D or virtual reality aspect of the metaverse. However, it cannot cover other aspects of the virtual world. This is where crypto can help. It addresses the following areas to complete the gaming world:

  • Digital proof of ownership
  • Accessibility
  • Governance
  • Transfer of value

So, what does all this imply? Whenever in the future, you socialize, work, and purchase virtual items in the metaverse, you will need a reliable and secure way of demonstrating ownership. You will also want to have a safe and reliable way of transferring such items and money within the metaverse.

While a few video games offer certain basic solutions, the use of crypto and blockchain is seen as a more reliable option. The use of blockchain provides a transparent and decentralized method of dealing with everything. However, video-game development works in a more centralized way.

Blockchain developers have also been influenced by the world of video games. Some of the key features of blockchain that sit well with the metaverse are as follows:

Digital Proof of Ownership

When you own a wallet with access to private keys, you are able to prove your ownership of an asset or activity on the blockchain. Wallets are among the most secure and reliable ways for establishing proof of ownership or digital identity.

Digital Collectability

Similar to establishing the ownership of an asset, blockchain technology can also help demonstrate the uniqueness or originality of the item. This is important for a metaverse that seeks to integrate more real-life activities. NFTs allow you to create 100% unique items that can never be copied or re-created. Blockchain can also be used to represent the ownership of a real-world or physical item.


Anyone, from anywhere in the world can create a wallet on public blockchains. There is no need to provide personal information or money like is the case with opening a bank account. All this makes it an accessible way to manage your digital identity and finances.

Transfer of Value

Metaverses need ways for the secure transfer of value. In-game currencies in multiplayer online games cannot come close to cryptocurrencies on blockchains in terms of security. When users are going to spend a lot of time in metaverses and generate income there, they are going to need a reliable and secure currency.


A metaverse requires ways to implement fair governance. Blockchain has already been proven to be such a system. Governance is important because users will want to know how their rules of interaction with the metaverse are controlled.

Metaverse projects on blockchain networks are based on fungible tokens. These tokens can not only be mutually exchanged, they are also divisible. They can be used for buying digital assets including avatar outfits and virtual real estate. You can also trade them for other crypto or mainstream currencies. Some metaverse cryptos also provide voting rights within the metaverse platform.

Thus, the metaverse is a fast-growing ecosystem that is adding a new dimension to blockchain and crypto technology. In the coming time, you will see how Bitcoin help in economic growth. We will have to wait and watch for the new developments taking place in this domain.

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