What Is The Technology Behind The Functioning Of The Online Roulette?

Roulette is an elegant, classical table game seeping in history. Frenchman and mathematician Blaise Pascal created the first roulette prototype in the late 17th century and grace casinos in the 1790s. A few years later in the 1800s, roulette arrived in North America, and it quickly became a favourite game. There are differences between European and American roulette, so the game was initially more popular there. The odds of European roulette are more favourable than the American version due to European roulette having a single zero on the wheel compared to two zeros with the American version. It essentially adds a zero to the prevalent 37 numbers, thereby increasing the house odds to 5%, while it is under 3% for European roulette.

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How Does Online Roulette Work?  

Online roulette is played around a virtual roulette table just like it’s the land-based counterpart. The wheel is set at one end, while the board is at the other. A significant difference is that online roulette is fueled by RNG, like most internet games, and unique algorithms work to generate random numbers for every wheel spin and define how the ball moves. Online players see a wheel simulator on screen, with a visual representation of the entire process, as determined by its specific algorithm.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

Live dealer online roulette games have become trendy and in-demand in recent years due to the realistic gameplay. Players can interact with croupiers as well as other players. The entire process is manual and run by real people. Whether live or electronic online roulette, the complex mechanism behind the roulette game is entirely unbiased, you cannot trick it, or cheat it!

The Technology Behind the Roulette Wheel

Physical roulette wheels as used in land-based casinos use an identical model, yet there are different designs. Online roulette works with an RNG and a mathematical algorithm behind it. The board adjacent to the wheel indicates a table with the types of bets available. Random Number Generators play an integral part in the technology of online roulette. Moreover, online sites’ latest technology is leveraged to recreate where the ball falls randomly on the roulette wheel. The technology can replicate the endless permeations that replicate the randomness and speed of the wheel spin, the ball’s angle, and other factors from a physical casino experience.

Roulette Wheel Layout

To fully understand how to play online roulette, you need to know how the betting system works and the wheel layout. The roulette wheel originally contained numbers 0 to 36 laid out in a certain way. A double zero sector was introduced and used in Monte Carlo casinos until the French entrepreneur Blanc brothers the standard back to a single zero pocket. Today, American roulette still features the 0 and 00 slots on the wheel. There are variations with three zeros which aren’t so widespread. The zero sectors were coloured red or black at first, like the wheel. They subsequently decided to alternate the red and black numbers with the 0 or 00 coloured in green. The exact number sequence varies according to the version, and the numbers alternate as much as possible.

Types of Online Roulette & Variety of Bets

Now you know there are several roulette options, and the most prevalent are European, American, and French roulette. The American version has a better house edge of 5%, due to the extra zero on the wheel. Many online casino sites have several roulette varieties, including newer creations like lightning roulette and live dealer casino games. The atmospheric and immersive qualities of live online roulette are incredible and provide a realistic land casino experience. There are various betting options like choosing one number, a black or red number, a group of numbers, also high and low betting. There are different probabilities and payouts for each type of bet, and although the betting system might seem somewhat complicated at first, it is easy to get used to the betting system.


Online roulette works much like the real-life game, and it rates consistently as a top online casino game. Roulette requires minimal effort to learn and can provide hours of entertainment and winning possibilities. Online casino operators are investing in technology that will take online roulette into the future. Artificial Reality and Augmented Reality will soon be viable options with unlimited possibilities. Recreating that brick and mortar casino roulette experience is about to become a reality with technological advances moving forward relentlessly.

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