What is the WazirX exchange?

WazirX is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms in India. It is popular because it has a user-friendly UI that allows people to trade cryptocurrency with ease. Another major asset that acts in the favor of WazirX is the security that it offers. A major facilitator of cryptocurrencies during the ekrona-app.com, WazirX allows traders to trade many different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

This crypto exchange platform is available over phones and other platforms such as PC. The WazirX mobile app is a major reason why this exchange is so popular in the Indian subcontinent. A big part of the Indian population does not have access to a PC. However, the majority of the population uses smartphones.

Major factors that allow WazirX to control a big part of the crypto exchange market in India

  1. Top-Notch Security:

The WazirX development team has ensured that the platform is well protected from hackers and other individuals with ill intent. The team has considered all the possible vulnerabilities and ensured that WazirX is effectively resistant to them. The company further keeps investing in regular security audits, to ensure that its platform acts as a secure facilitator of crypto trading in India.

  1. Lightning-fast KYC and verification of Identity:

A common drawback of crypto trading platforms is that they take a lot of time to verify the identity of new users. However, WazirX is equipped with advanced identity verification systems that perform lightning-fast KYC, allowing users to start trading at the earliest. The platform ensures that it does not compromise on the quality of identity verification while trying to cut down verification time.

  1. Lightning speed transactions:

Another possible drawback that could have proved to be detrimental for WazirX is slow transaction speeds. However, the WazirX development team is taking steps to cut down transaction speeds. Slower transaction speeds also equate to losses for investors. Being faster than most of its competitors, WazirX enjoys more control over the market.

  1. Built and trusted by Blockchain enthusiasts:

The platform has been envisioned and developed by believers in blockchain technology. This ensures that the platform aligns with the requirements of dedicated traders. The platform is well endowed with useful features such as Powerful graphs, analytical tools, and mobile apps.

WazirX aims to bring crypto access to everybody

WazirX is aiming to make the crypto market more accessible to the masses. The founder of WazirX, Nischal Shetty states that their team is trying to build an exchange that can allow anybody that believes in the crypto industry to join the crypto revolution. The crypto revolution is growing exponentially as more and more governments soften their stance against cryptocurrency and more businesses start accepting crypto payments.

This platform makes trading cryptocurrencies easier for the masses. It has amassed massive trust and interest among the crypto-aware population of India. The WazirX team claims that their platform is suitable for new and seasoned investors alike.

Binance acquired WazirX in November of 2019. This association brought the WazirX-Finance advantage to the Indian population. What makes WazirX an even stronger market force is the fact that it has zero hidden charges. The fees are openly communicated to users include a minimal 0.2% Taker Fee and a 0.2% Maker Free. The new WazirX QuickBuy feature allows investors to buy crypto assets within seconds, which lets investors buy coins instantly.

WazirX acts as a major facilitator of the Crypto revolution in India. The Finance-WazirX collective is making a change as more and more investors sign up to the platform and trade in the crypto industry. The security measures taken by the WazirX team are high-end and allow new investors to put their trust in this platform. Characteristics such as lightning-fast KYC and transaction speeds, in addition to a dedicated team behind the crypto exchange platform have pushed it as one of the market leaders in India.

WazirX is set to be the top competitor in the industry for a long time, owing to the Finance-WazirX advantage, and the huge customer base it has built. One can start trading in the crypto industry and make some extra bucks with ease.

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