What is website optimization and promotion?

Some website development clients believe that after its creation, the website immediately attracts the attention of potential customers. However, this is far from true. It is necessary for someone to learn about the new web resource. Moreover, search engines don’t immediately start indexing a newcomer. Finally, if the website does not meet the requirements of the search engine, it may not be included in the indexing at all. Consequently, there can be no talk of appearing in the top search results for relevant queries.

In fact, an unoptimized and unpopular website is similar to a shop in an inconspicuous alley without signs or recognizable marks. To enter it, one must know the address. But where can one find such information? Perhaps for dealers of illegal substances, such a situation is ideal—usually those who need them always find such places. But not for a sales-oriented website created to generate profits. Therefore, in order for internet users to visit the website, it is necessary to focus on its SEO optimization and promotion.

Who should be entrusted with the promotion of your website?

To carry out the tasks of optimizing and promoting a website, specific experience and high qualifications are required. It is important not only to drive traffic to the website but also to ensure its maximum quality. It is necessary for the website to be visited by representatives of the target audience it is intended for. In other words, what use is there for vegetarians in a meat shop?

Therefore, to solve such a task, it is worth turning to true masters of the trade. Professional website promotion on voll.com.ua is a reliable way to quickly and efficiently bring your web resource into the top 10 or even top 5 search results for relevant thematic queries. And that, mind you, accounts for 95% of all potential customers! That’s how many internet users only browse the first page of search results. So, the leaders get almost everything.

Acquired reputation and authority must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, “young and ambitious” newcomers will quickly push the website out of the top positions, which were achieved with significant effort, if not blood and sweat.

What the client needs to know about website SEO optimization and promotion

A website, if not developed by professional developers, “comes into existence” completely helpless and can easily get lost in the vastness of the World Wide Web. However, any resource, whether new or long-standing, can be promoted with the right desire and professionalism.

There is a belief that promotion specialists are unlikely to fully understand the specifics of the client’s business without having knowledge in that particular field. In reality, they don’t need to, as the analysis is conducted from a different perspective. No one intends to study, for example, the technology of pizza preparation or the organization of pharmaceutical production. In fact, the pros and cons of websites of direct competitors that lead in search results are evaluated. It is also impossible to do without studying their backlink profile and determining the level of competition in the chosen segment. Based on the obtained data, the website is transformed into a competitive and successful business tool that will bring its owner considerable profit.

How a website is brought to the forefront, i.e., to the top of search results

The work is carried out in several stages

First, the website is analyzed to determine its compliance with search engine requirements. There are over a hundred such criteria. Without internal optimization, i.e., eliminating errors that hinder website indexing and ranking, it is impossible to bring it to the top of search results.

Next, the niche occupied by the website is analyzed, after which work begins on filling the web resource. Its semantic core is created, based on keywords that are sorted by the frequency of input by network users for queries relevant to the website’s theme.

The website structure is formed, where each page corresponds to a specific keyword. For example, if an online store is being developed, pages corresponding to the most frequently entered keywords by users are usually assigned to product categories. Keywords with moderate frequency are assigned to filter pages, while low-frequency keywords are assigned to specific product listings (where their properties are described).

External optimization is carried out, which includes increasing the backlink profile and establishing the necessary authority with search engines. As a result, over a certain period of time (at least six months), the website gradually moves up in search results.

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