What it Takes to Be a Great Content Writer

In the age of instant communication, writing can seem like a lost art sometimes. Texting, quick social media posts, and even emails often omit good principles of writing for the sake of sending a message quickly. But there is power in the written word, and good writing still has an important place in the business world. If you enjoy writing and think you have the skills to become a professional, you should learn more about the traits you’ll need to craft effective messages.

If you can learn and develop these qualities of professional content writers, you can become a valuable asset to an organization—whether that writing is for advertising, marketing, generating website traffic, or other reasons.

Know-How to Hook the Reader

In the world of journalism, one of the writer’s primary job is to get the reader interested right away. The writer does this by writing an eye-catching headline and a compelling lead sentence or paragraph. If the writer achieves this, the reader will most likely continue reading. Otherwise, the reader will move along quickly.

It’s no different for professional content writers, regardless of the subject. The best writers have a knack for crafting clever opening lines to any content. Writers can do this by using humor, asking a question, or providing startling or important information.

Good leads don’t have to be long; in fact, they usually shouldn’t be. Professionals also know how to put the most critical information at the top of the piece rather than burying it at the bottom.

Know-How to Get People to Act

If you’re trying to increase web traffic, readership, or sales and customers, you always need to challenge the people reading your content to do something. This is known as the call the action. It could be urging the reader to purchase a product or sign up for a service, conference, workshop, or membership. It could be inviting the person to learn more about your organization.

This should come at the end of the piece and stand out. Bolding the call to action, putting it in larger font size, and setting it off on its own line are good ways that professional content writers place the call to action.

This statement should be clear and firm. However, it won’t be effective if you haven’t interested the reader earlier in the article.

Can Adopt Many Voices

In a way, good professional writers are multilingual. To be the best writer possible, you need to be able to speak to a wide range of audiences. If a company hires you to write a blog post about an upcoming event or a product release, you must understand the audience.

If you are writing copy for a new website or a marketing brochure, make sure you know what the customers are like. You can’t have stuffy writing if your audience is made up of teenagers. You can’t use a lot of slang and cliches if your audience is filled with business professionals.

Be mindful of who’s reading your content and what will resonate with them most.

Respect Deadlines

Web copy must be fresh and relevant. Blog posts must be updated regularly and note become stale. For copy for brochures, newsletters and fliers, writers must deliver on-time writing so the materials can get through printing and distribution on schedule.

Failing to meet deadlines will doom any writer. As a writer, never take on more than you can handle. Also, commit to finishing assignments by the due date. If you ever encounter problems, communicate with the client.

Learn how to follow these rules and cultivate these abilities. If you do, you can be a powerful, effective writer.

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