What Lies Behind the Costs of Hiring a Software Developer?

Software development involves a raft of costs and a host of logistical complications to overcome as you move towards that all-important launch date.

Before diving into the process, it makes sense to get a better understanding of where these costs come from, so that you can appreciate the opportunities you have to make efficient use of your budget, rather than allowing it to be spent erratically.

With that in mind, here is a look at the factors which influence the cost of hiring a software developer, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions going forward.

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As with any skilled profession, software development is an area which can only be entered into by those who have undergone a significant amount of education and training, as well as accumulating on-the-job experience to develop the skills needed to thrive.

Today, most developers will have undergone degree-level instruction in a related topic, and will likely have worked elsewhere before arriving at your organization. This is an incredibly competitive field, and the top performers can command significant salaries as a result, thus adding to the overall cost of development.

Testing & redesigning

Another key factor to keep in mind is that software development can be a lengthy process. Even with the emergence of solutions like TestProject.io which automate aspects of testing, it is still necessary for developers to go back and make tweaks, fix bugs and potentially redesign entire elements from the ground up if problems are revealed at this point.

Even if you have a specific deadline in mind, testing can throw a spanner in the works at a late stage, and push back launch dates significantly. There have been various instances in which a lack of testing due diligence has come back to bite developers, so it is not an aspect that allows for corners to be cut without repercussions further down the line.

This means that keeping developers on the payroll throughout initial development, as well as during testing and beyond, is worthwhile, even if this also contributes to the costs involved.

Geographic location

One increasingly relevant concept when calculating software development costs is the location of the individual or team in question.

As outsourcing becomes more desirable and remote working rises exponentially, there is less reason to opt for developers that are based in places where living costs, and thus salary expectations, are high.

Of course there are other issues that come with outsourcing development to parts of the world where developers are available at more affordable rates, but that should not stop you from weighing this element when looking into the market as you approach your next project.

Post-launch considerations

Finally, it is necessary to assess just how much development support will be necessary post-launch, as you will likely need to patch problems that only become apparent at this point.

Maintaining software in the long term, not just during initial development, will improve user experience and maintain your brand’s reputation, so additional development costs should be worth shouldering.