What Makes A Great Self Storage Facility?

Self storage is becoming more and more popular as space continues to be at a premium, and all of us have a growing need for more space in some way or another. The average cost of a square foot of home is around £280 across the UK and a whopping £560 in London. At that cost, most of us can’t just buy a bigger home, or have an extension or a loft conversion just to get more space. It is expensive, and more often than not, even if we have more space at home, or in an office, we don’t want to use that for storage of ‘stuff’. 

Most of us would love an extra room to use as a home office, a playroom, or a snug. Business owners would appreciate more room to improve operations, boost sales and enhance the working environment. 

London storage affords all of us the opportunity to have extra space to use as we like at an affordable price. All you need to do to start taking advantage of extra storage space is to find a facility that you like. There’s a lot to consider and a lot of facilities to choose from. To help you find the perfect place for your storage needs, we’ve got some pointers below as to what makes a truly great self-storage facility: 

Modern & Extensive Security

A great self-storage facility is in the business of protecting your belongings, so they should have security that reflects that. There will be different measures taken at every facility, but some of the security measures you are likely to see at a great facility include: 

  • CCTV
  • Various lock points/ locking methods
  • Gating (usually electronic)
  • Fences
  • On-site security
  • 24/7 reception
  • Security lights

Every facility will be different with the security they offer, but you should expect to feel impressed by it, and comfortable with the levels of security in place. 

Climate Control

London storage is indoor and outdoor, and outdoor versions are likely to be shipping containers only. This means they are unlikely to have climate control. This is not an issue for some people, and the extreme temperatures the items will be impacted by are not necessarily going to be a problem. However, climate-controlled storage is generally the first choice for most people looking for self storage, and it does tend to come with climate control. Climate control is an easy way to maintain a certain temperature in your unit. It helps avoid damage done to items like musical instruments, technology, and other items by extreme cold or heat. If you store items that are better in the dark and cold, such as wine, climate control is of an even higher benefit. 

Fantastic Maintenance 

Good maintenance is a basic standard you should expect from a great facility. Ideally, it is maintained in a way that ensures that you feel the place is in good order, and the team running the space pays attention to detail when it comes to repairs that need doing, and the general cleanliness. Look for cobwebs, signs of dampness, rubble or clutter, rusting or broken door parts, and other issues that suggest a lack of care and maintenance. A great facility will be pristine throughout. 

A Helpful Team

A great self storage facility will have a helpful team who are happy to answer your questions, and who are professional at all times. When you’re not there – perhaps you dropped your things off once and won’t get them again for a year – you want to know a great team is taking care of the facility that stores your stuff. If you visit often, it is even more important you feel comfortable with the staff at the facility. 

Extra Services

A great self storage facility will usually offer extra services that make life a little bit easier for you. This could be packaging items for sale, collect and drop-off services, business referrals, deliveries being taken by reception, trolleys for hire – anything that makes your life as a domestic or business self storage user easier. 

A Range Of Dimensions

Self storage units do come in a range of sizes and although you might just need one size to suit your needs, some customers can require a range of sizes to move between. This is often business users who may have a lot of stock at one time, then hardly any at another, or who are slowly growing the business over time and need to avoid the growing pains you get from warehouse contracts. For optimum flexibility, choose a facility that offers a range of unit sizes and contracts that allow you to move units with minimal notice. 

A Competitive Price

A great facility is not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. What you’re looking for is a competitive price and great value for money. A price you are happy to pay for the great value you get from the facility. A great way to find the right price for you is to get several quotes and to visit storage facilities. That way you can compare and reach an informed decision. 

Legal Compliance

It is so important that the unit you choose is compliant with the law. The company should follow all legislation and safety guidelines relevant to its business. This includes rules on what you can and cannot store, and recommendations for insurance, pest control, and fire safety. 

Are You Ready To Benefit From A Great Self Storage Unit? 

A great self storage business has many components, and those listed above are great starting points to follow so you can find the right storage facility for your needs. With affordable self storage that is of a high standard, you can make the most of well-priced, clean extra storage to benefit your domestic life or business.

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