What Makes A Sports Ground Changing Room Excellent?

On a sports ground, one of the significant places is a changing room facility. Whether the season has started or approached this is a place that should be kept perfect! All things that need to be present must be working perfectly such as the shower. If noted of any problem such as plumbing failure, Liquid detection should be called for repairs. This is because a changing room is one of the places that will receive a higher usage.

If the sports ground has a well-thought changing room, it significantly helps to enhance the experience of the sports facility for visitors, spectators, participants, and more.

Nevertheless, if your sports ground changing room is not one of the best, it is time to upgrade or rebuild. And to do so, there are factors to consider. So make an excellent changing room by looking at these factors.

Let’s get started:

  • Accessibility of Changing rooms

One of the factors to consider while developing a changing room facility is accessibility. This helps to provide an equal provision for the people who are visiting or using the facility.

Accessibility, on the other hand, should be looked at such that even those with disabilities can easily use such a facility. Also, the elderly of all gender must want to visit the facility.

In addition, in a facility, there should be included family change facilities such as baby change. This helps improve the inclusiveness of parents willing to participate in sports.

  • Facility Requirements

You have to focus on how you intend to use the facility over the year. This will give you an idea of how to build a changing room.

Some of the questions to ask yourself include:

  • Will the changing room be used for different sports and at different times of the year?
  • Do you want permanent split changing room facilities based on gender?
  • Or do you expect it to be used at different points by all to have a multipurpose facility?
  • Are the changing rooms enough for more people who are rising to play sports?

If you look at some of these questions, they can guide you on the kind of facility you need in a sporting ground.

Moreover, don’t forget the Sports Governing Body. It has set the standard requirements of how a changing room should look. These are things not to ignore, you must adhere to them.

However, if a sports ground will host competitive games, you need a separate changing room facility for referees and umpires.

All these must be understood. They give you a chance to provide adequate facilities and excellent for use.

  • Privacy and Safety

If you are considering building a changing facility, another factor to consider is privacy and safety. The changing facility should have a higher degree of privacy unlike other types of facilities.

Some of the features included are privacy screens at the entry, sufficient toilet cubicles, and individual cubicle showers. All these are done to enhance the safety and privacy of those who will use the facility.

On the other hand, the facility must be maintained clean at a higher level. This makes it portray a welcoming environment. So, proper cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly.

For the safety purpose of the facility, you should install proper lighting to improve the safety of users.

  • Changing Room Design

A changing room can use any design, shape, or size. All these features depend on the significance of the changing room. Moreover, the overall facility will also play a significant role.

If considering the design of the changing room, there are factors you have to consider. These factors include:

  • Seating in shower cubicles
  • Ambulant compliant toilet cubicles
  • Design for multipurpose approach
  • Vandal-resistant fitting
  • Hygiene disposal points
  • Shelving or ledge
  • Power points for hair drying
  • Locker storage for players

The benching should have enough spacing for participants. Also, low maintenance and proper finishes will facilitate the hygiene of the facility.

The Bottom Line

When sportsmen and women enter the sports ground, the first place to visit is the changing room facility. At the facility, most of them are curious and would look at the conditions of the place – benches, showers, toilets, and others.

However, for a sports ground to hold an event, the changing room facility should possess the above features. Besides, there are regulatory bodies that ensure the facilities are made at a good standard for an event to take place at the sports ground.

Nevertheless, proper lighting, ideal design, proper shower areas, lockers, and others play significant roles. Keep the changing room clean and visitors will find it comfortable to use.

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