What Qualification Do I Need to Work From Home in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is the fast-growing city and capital of Gujrat. With the use of technology in the workplace, there is a rise in work from home jobs in various cities across India. It has led to the availability of many work-from-home opportunities. Work from home jobs in Ahmedabad is the most feasible choice due to safety, ease, and comfort. The lockdown imposed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 has made work-from-home a temporarily routine for millions.

It is the most followed work trend in 2021 and has multiple advantages like cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, job flexibility, and much more. Working from home is safer and also establishes a healthy work-life balance. Some work-from-home opportunities are suitable for freshers as they don’t require specific skills or experience, while others require some specialization, training, and expertise.

Here is a list of the most common work-from-home options in Ahmedabad along with the qualification required for them:

  • Online Tutors
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Translators
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Online Recruiter
  • Transcription

Online tutors:

With the growth of the edtech industry, online learning and education is growing. It has created a huge demand for online tutors. Virtual learning platforms are popping up everywhere, offering courses and subject classes for all students at all levels, including elementary, high school, college-level, and competitive studies. The comfort of these jobs is that the faculty can typically work from anywhere.

While many online teaching jobs require teaching experience, becoming an online tutor does not necessarily require it. You can create your courses and classes to sell. It requires a specific degree with some educational background. Tutors for advanced subjects, such as calculus and physics, need to have a subject-specific qualification that can help them earn more. There are also opportunities to do examination scoring at home. Exam scoring jobs may require a teaching background or a college degree, at a minimum.

Virtual assistance

A virtual assistant is like an off-site secretary that may not need to work full-time. An in-office assistant comes with various expenses to a company, and for relatively small companies, a virtual assistant is a great choice. This work-from-home job requires communication skills that include responding to emails, creating business documents, calling clients, scheduling appointments, handling social media, etc. The chief skills and talents for this sort of job include good communication skills and sometimes office experience.


Multinational companies offer work-from-home translator jobs that may involve translating files, articles, documents, conversations, or even conference calls. People with knowledge of international as well as regional languages are in demand for these jobs. The qualification for this type of home-based job is basic with writing and speaking proficiency in one or more languages.

Customer service representatives.

Many companies nowadays are outsourcing their customer support services to home-based agents. Most of these jobs require inbound calling, helping people with various issues like online orders or account-related information, etc. Whereas some might also require outbound calling with daily/weekly/monthly targets. The typical qualifications for this type of job are good communication and interpersonal skills.

Online Recruiter

The online recruiting job could involve screening and interviewing candidates, managing payroll, processing employee data, or working with a B2B customer relationship management. These jobs require soft skills and basic tech knowledge of various recruiting and payroll management software.


This online work involves creating documents and records from audio files. This type of online job typically involves documentation of business meetings, workshops, conference calls, or podcasts. The employer usually provides the software and content management system needed for the work. For this type of job, detail-oriented people with good typing skills are preferred.


Although there can be different types of work-from-home jobs like data entry, web designing, academic counselors, content creators, social media marketing, etc., all of these usually require almost the same basic organizational skills and specified degree.

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