What Qualities You Should Look For In An Aircraft Finance Broker

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The mortgage brokerage market is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and methods upending the status quo and altering the conventional function of the broker. 

If aircraft finance brokers want to stay relevant and provide the greatest service to their clients, they must keep one step ahead of the game. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the five qualities we believe constitute an effective aircraft finance broker in the modern age. Learn the qualities you will need to look for in a finance broker for your new aircraft.

The Qualities Of An Aircraft Finance Broker You Need

Find the right aircraft broker to help you purchase your next plane. These are qualities that are essential before making this big investment in life, so make sure they have them or risk being left with regrets later on down the line.

  • Good Brokers Use Technology To Assist Their Clients

The best brokers are using new technology to make their clients’ lives a little easier. 

They use automation tools like bots, voicemail, and SMS, and online-based documentation for printless paperwork processes that enable them both to be more efficient on the job while still having access at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

And not get lost in translation, literally. Brokers will also work remotely, sharing documents, so one person does not have multiple copies of something, which saves everyone valuable time.

  • Proactive In Paperworks

A reputable broker will ensure that the aircraft you’re flying has been approved for service by the FAA

They’ll provide a tail number 24 hours in advance and let pilots know about any special precautions needed before they go on their trip, such as how much weight can be loaded or what type of fuel is being used.

  • Experienced

A business jet charter broker with an unknown background and a faceless app will make you nervous. Look up their name on online databases or check their websites. However, to be sure, you can schedule a meet-up with them.

Most importantly: avoid fly-by-nights when it comes down to choosing your provider. 

Always research before committing yourself as well as peace of mind after booking trips too hastily without checking out other alternatives first hand, such as those who list information about themselves including where they are located (elevation), what type of aircraft/airlines service, etc. 

  • Industry Knowledge

The broker you are dealing with can make or break your trip. A shady one may sell a flight that does not exist and promise something they know won’t happen. 

For example, if their customer is flying internationally, then look into visa requirements, landing fees, permits, and international handling, which would be difficult without an attorney present who has experience doing business abroad.

  • Clear Communication

A good broker will listen carefully to your needs, then suggest the most cost-effective type of aircraft. 

For example, you may request a Citation X but be best suited with another plane for nonstop flights because it is more efficient and saves money in general aviation flying from location A to B, which makes all aspects easier on one’s wallet.

A good broker will be proactive in asking questions about your trip and provide a timeline for the parameters of their travel. They should also prompt you to express any safety standards so that both parties know what they are dealing with from start to finish

  • Transparency

Operators and brokers generally provide discounts to their customers based on an industry standard, the volume of business (and experience), which could then become the operator’s commission for booking your trip. 

A reputable company will gladly answer any questions you may have about their fees; however, if they do not feel comfortable discussing this topic with you, directly ask someone else or visit another site.

  • Establish Clear Expectations

A reputable broker will set the stage for your experience of flying on a charter aircraft. It would include setting expectations when things go well and disruptions, such as advanced information about weather delays or other necessary permits/reservations (slots). 

A good one can provide backup plans in case there’s an issue with mechanical failures during flights due to its knowledge about which commercial flight might be able to replace them while you’re at it.

A licensed agent is always available if anything should happen before your take-off. They’ll work quickly through whatever emergency has arisen—and then get us to our destination safe and sound.

A Broker That Has It All

The days of having to fly with the outdated and unreliable are over. Now, charter flights can be fast-paced aviation adventures like never before. 

With new planes that meet your every need for comfort onboard or in airport waiting areas, there is no reason why any traveler shouldn’t take advantage of these deals today. So what do you say? 

Get ready to experience some air travel bliss by reaching out directly to a trustworthy aircraft finance broker.

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