What Roof Rack Can Hold The Most Weight?

Roof racks are useful for a variety of purposes. First and foremost, it increases the amount of space available in the cabin. You are not required to share a seat or a floor with your cargo. Second, a car roof rack can support larger things such as bikes, kayaks, camping gear, skis, or a cargo box/bag. Finally, a roof rack prevents you from overloading your roof, avoiding deformities or uneven surfaces.

A roof rack’s universal capacity is around 165 extra pounds. This means that the best roof racks will be able to support around that much weight. Most heavy-duty roof racks, like the Thule Complete Crossroad System or the Thule Evo WingBar, can support up to 165 pounds. As a result, if you want to load your car’s roof with cargo, you’ll want to keep the weight under 165 pounds; otherwise, you risk harming your car’s roof, roof rack, or losing stuff during your trip.

But what if your luggage is more than 250 lbs? What rack should you get? Is there a roof rack that can carry a weight of more than 500 lbs? The answer is yes! If you’re looking for the roof rack that can hold the most weight, you should search for something like the Gobi roof racks. Here is an example of their product that can hold up to 300 lbs.

Gobi roof rack stealth rack

The GOBI Stealth Rack is the moderate roof rack solution that you can find in the market. GOBI Stealth Racks make it possible to park your car in the garage and drive it through the car wash. Each rack is individually fitted to the model of the vehicle it is ordered for, matching the vehicle’s aesthetic. Without drilling or changes to your car, GOBI provides you with the most rigid rack on the market.

The 5th GEN Stealth Rack GOBI Toyota 4Runner, black powder covered by an anti-rust base that gives many years of road user experience, is designed with elegance and durability to ensure a safe 300 lbs driving load. Moreover, for top tents and their customers, the static capacity readily holds up to 800 lbs—fast and easy access to your cargo using the GOBI rear ladder bolt-on. GOBI products bolt on existing car mounting points without drilling into your vehicle. Add the GOBI SunRoof insert almost twice the freight space. Each rack is also equipped with stainless hardware and installation manuals.

There’s more to come! If you’re looking for an excellent all-around automobile roof rack, Rhino-Rack roof racks are a good option.

Rack System Rhino-Rack 2500

Based on the type of vehicle you have, the Rhino-Rack 2500 series offers a wide selection of racks. They even create racks specifically for specific cars, such as the Ram 1500 and Subaru Impreza. They also have two styles of universal roof racks for choices. 

The lightweight racks support most recreational and outdoor goods and equipment. You can adjust the roof rack in various ways to fit your vehicle, load, or space requirements. Rhino-Rack systems are simple to set up and use. A lifetime manufacturer’s warranty also covers all parts.

Whether you drive an SUV, compact car, or even a truck, additional cargo space always comes in handy. Once your trunk and cabin are full of gear, the only place left is the roof. Instead of damaging your roof by overloading it with cargo, try installing the sturdy car roof rack you can find. Getting one would be an excellent investment for campers and travelers.

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