What Technicians Look For In Field Service Tools

Field service tools - image 1To a field technician, tools are an essential part of day to day activity. They are ever-present companions for the various tasks ahead. As such, it is important to use the right procedure when picking field service tools. As a field technician, your tools make the difference between success and delays on a particular project. This means that you need to pick them out well. Every field technician has a number of qualities which they look for in tools today.

Here are these qualities explained for you.


Every technician wants some field service tools which can last for a lifetime. Therefore, it is very important that their tools are durable. Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and drill bits need to be made of a material such as high strength stainless steel. This way, they will not break when pressure is applied upon them. Moreover, their handles and casings should be made of hardened Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This material is resistant to bumps and scrapes. With these materials, the tools are durable and long lasting.   


In some cases, you may need to use a specific tool for more than one purpose. For example, a pipe wrench can also be used to hammer small nails into wood. Moreover, a long screwdriver can be used to yank apart materials that are stuck together. As such, these tools are versatile. This is a very important quality which technicians look for in field service tools. As a rule of thumb, majority of the tools in their set need to have more than one capability at a time. In this way, the technician is covered even if they forget a tool or two at home.    


Tools need to be lightweight. At any given time, a field technician carries up to 20 different tools in their case. If these tools are made of heavy materials such as carbon-rich steel, the case can be a burden to bear. However, if they are made of light materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, the case can be carried easily. As such, the field technician searches for tools which are lightweight so as to promote convenience.    


The tools need to have an ergonomic shape. Some technical tasks take a long time to complete. As such, technicians can spend hours handling the same tool. If it has rough, jagged edges, they can suffer bruises on their hands. Therefore, the best tools should be ergonomic in nature. They should have curved edges that are sculpted such that they fit into the palm of the hand easily. Tools such as hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, pliers and wire cutters should have ergonomic handles. In this way, they are comfortable to handle at all times.


Field technicians work in all kinds of conditions. On some days, it is hot and some others, it is humid. Moreover, on some days it is rainy. Their tools endure the same weather conditions. As such, it is important to make sure that they are rust-proof. This can be done by picking out stainless steel tools. Not only are they resistant to rust, they are also quite strong. Thus, rust resistance is a major factor which field technicians evaluate when picking tools.   

Electrically insulated  

As a field technician, you may find yourself working around some electrical wires. For safety purposes, the main power supply should always be switched off before work begins on or near electrical wires. However, errors can happen and the wires remain live. If you should mistakenly touch them with your tools, this can lead to a disaster. As such, tools need to be electrically insulated. This can be accomplished by having PVC or thick rubber handles. It can also be done by making the handles out of electrically-inert materials. Tools that are electrically insulated can save your life. As such, this is one of the important features that field service technicians normally look for.


Tools should have portable dimensions. They need to be designed such that they can be carried around easily. As such, portability is one of the characteristics that a field technician searches for in tools today. They should fit in their tool case easily. Also, the tools should be small enough to hold with one hand and large enough to get the job done. A portable design is therefore a major factor for picking field service tools.

Compatible with Information Technology (IT) resources   

Every sector of industry today is going high tech. This includes field technical work. Tools are now digital in nature. They run circuits and respond to technical variables. Tools such as voltmeters and testers should be compatible with computers. This can be done through USB port connectivity. As a matter of fact, field technicians are searching for rugged tablets to take to the field. These tablets should be dust proof, waterproof and compatible with field service software. By using this equipment, they can file reports or request assistance from the home office with a few taps on the screen.

Field service technicians get their hands dirty every day as part of their jobs. They rely on high tech devices and tools to accomplish this. While searching for equipment, they use the guidelines indicated above. These are the qualities which technicians look for in field service tools.

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