What to Wear for a Finance Interview?

Getting into banking and finance can be tough, whether you are a graduate or someone who has aspired to work in this sector for a long time. Finance workers and bankers have a certain look about them that other people want to emulate.

This means that when you show up for an interview, not only do you need to be looking your best, you need to be looking right and have the correct outfit on.

Here we will go through what you should be wearing to a finance interview.

Suit Colour

When it comes to suit colours, there are now an array to choose from, but you want to make sure you are keeping it on the conservative side. Most financiers will stick with the traditional black or charcoal suit and for your interview you will want to do the same.

Once you have landed the job, you can then see what other staff members are wearing to see if you can broaden your choices, but for the interview, stick with black or charcoal.


You will never be short of choice when it comes to selecting a shirt, however, you need to remain on the classic side for a finance interview. Despite the traditional style preferred by bankers and financiers, incorporating trending shirts for men can add a modern touch to your outfit while maintaining professionalism.

Select a crisp button-down dress shirt in white, it cannot be any other colour for your interview, unfortunately. If you really want to make a statement, look for oxford shirts. These are thicker cotton compare to traditional dress shirts and will hang beautifully, furthermore, you can finish off the look with a pair of cufflinks that will really set the tone of the outfit. For this stage, you should only be looking at white shirts, you don’t want to have any colour until you have got the job, this will keep the entire look traditional. If you are unsure of what type of dress shirt you should choose, look online to find a list of top dress shirts so you can narrow down what type is the most acceptable for your upcoming interview.


When it comes to choosing your tie, you want to make sure that it works with your suit. There is no point in spending time carefully selecting the suit and shirt, only for it to fall down when it comes to your tie.

Even if you are going for an entry-level job at a bank, you want to show up looking like you already belong there and to make this happen you need to buy the right tie. It is easier to pick a tie to match a suit than it is to pick a suit to match to a tie, so make sure you have your suit already purchased.

Once you have (hopefully it’ll either be charcoal or grey) you can then choose a tie. Keep your tie as neutral as possible, you don’t want to make any overt statements with a pink or red tie. If your suit is charcoal look for a tie that is either a few shades darker or a few shades lighter, if your suit is black, you will need to stay with a black tie.

Not all ties are created equal, you don’t want to spend $5 here, remember, the whole idea is to dress as though you already belong. Choose a silk or woolen tie that has a nice weave, not only do they look far better than the cheap polyester ties, they also show that you have considered your choice carefully to reflect the outfit you are wearing!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting a suit for your financier or banker interview, regardless of what level you are trying to enter in to, always dress higher than the job you want. This way, you will always turn up looking as they would expect you to, if not more.

Make sure that you chose neutral colours, such as black and charcoal. This will make sure that your attire is in keeping with the traditional dress code that bankers usually abide by. A good Oxford dress shirt will also go a long way, you can even select one that requires cuff links. Make sure that the shirt is white, save any other colour for when you have landed the job, just in case it doesn’t match their dress codes.

Finally, a good tie will make all the difference when it comes to completing your outfit. Spend a little bit more than you initially would to make sure you end up with a tie that looks the part.

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