What Are The Top Tools To Master Digital Marketing?

Dealing with the challenges of digital marketing does not need to be a slog, so long as you leverage the right tools for the job.

Here is a quick look at just a few of the solutions that will see your digital marketing efforts make more of an impact with less effort involved.

Digital marketing image for article n22222x2Simplify reporting

Designing and orchestrating an effective digital marketing campaign is just one side of the coin; you also need to prove that your work has been effective by reporting back on its impact.

Rather than doing this manually, it makes sense to use a marketing report template which gives you the basic framework to help demonstrate the successes you have achieved. This means you do not need to tinker endlessly with spreadsheets before you can even enter any figures, as all of this heavy lifting has been done for you.

Optimise social media posts

Getting the content you post to social media looking good used to be a challenge, but with the right software it is now seriously straightforward to cook up something killer in a matter of minutes, without needing to be a graphic design whiz.

Arguably the most accessible and powerful tool on the block at the moment is Canva, a solution that has garnered millions of users and serious injections of cash from investors in the past couple of years. It is just as effective for making eye-catching Instagram posts that are sure to engage increasingly discerning audiences as it is for more in-depth tasks, like making infographics, editing photos and using its other cloud-based features.

Factor in easy integration with both stock media libraries and social media sites themselves, and you have a seriously compelling package that will benefit your digital marketing on a daily basis.

Embrace automation

Keeping a digital marketing campaign running smoothly can feel like spinning plates, given that there are so many different platforms to keep track of in the age of social media.

This can be simplified and even automated to an extent thanks to Hootsuite, a tool that makes social media management a breeze.

Whether you are scheduling posts to go out across all of your social accounts simultaneously, tracking interactions with customers or monitoring emerging trends to get the edge over the competition, Hootsuite can be a huge help.

Delve into the data

Working out whether your digital marketing efforts are paying off or falling flat is less of a chore if you use Google Analytics. This is especially important if your website is at the heart of your campaign, receiving all of the traffic generated by your work on other platforms and ideal converting casual visitors into paying customers.

There is a reason that this tool is the most popular of its kind, with an 85 percent share of the market. The depth of the data provided means that customer behaviours can be assessed on an almost microscopic level, allowing informed decisions to be made. This, along with the other tools covered, could pave the way to more precise, impactful digital marketing.


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