What Type of Lawyer Should I Hire For a Cybercrime Offense?

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In the world today, it is no news that cybercrime is on the rise, and you may be a victim if you are not careful. You can lose up to millions of dollars to cybercriminals. However, if you are being charged with a cyber-related criminal charge, you or your family can immediately contact Sydney’s criminal lawyer.

An excellent criminal lawyer Sydney will not be the one to judge you, but he can help you to get lesser penalties and can get your case dismissed in some cases.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is also known as computer crime. It is an illegal activity that involves using computers for unlawful acts such as fraud, child pornographic trafficking, privacy violation, identity theft, hacking, spamming, and other criminal activities done through the computer with an internet connection.

The very first cybercrime case was recorded in Newyork in the year 1973. A teller at a bank embezzled over 2 million dollars using a computer. Currently, the rate of cybercrime is outrageously high and may supersede other forms of criminal activities such as illegal drug trafficking.

What are The Types of Cyber Crime?

The internet can be a dangerous place to visit sometimes, and that is because of the activities of some tech-savvy persons who engage in various kinds of online criminal acts. Some of these people abuse other people’s generosity and kindness in a computer network.

However, there are different types of cyber-related criminal activities, and we will be discussing the major ones below.

1. Phishing

You may be hearing a lot about phishing or may have seen where someone made a statement like “you have been cat-fished.” Well, phishing is a type of cyber attack where the criminals attempt to plot unsuspecting people or users into doing something they wouldn’t normally do.

They trick their unsuspecting victims into clicking bad URLs or tricking them into opening some email attachments, which they should not do. The primary aim of this phishing attack is to gain access to their victim’s login details or some other details on their victim’s computer. These details will be used to obtain access to the email or other accounts of the victim.

2. Ransomware

Although this may sound a bit new to some people, it is not uncommon. It is a type of cybercrime where a computer is infected and can be done through a phishing attack. If the attack is successful, it simply encrypts every data on their victim’s computer. Then, it demands a “ransom” payment to return all the data collected from the computer.

Other types of cybercrime include:

What Type Of Lawyer Should I Hire For Cyber Crime Offence, And Why?

If found guilty, a person can be imprisoned for about ten years for cybercrime, but this will only depend on the type of lawyers he hired. At this point, an experienced Criminal lawyer sydney will be your go-to lawyer to assist you in getting lesser sentences.


Any criminal charge will cause havoc on an individual’s life, personally and professionally. An individual charged with a cybercrime should immediately seek the assistance of a seasoned Criminal lawyer Sydney.

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