What Updating Your Brand Design Could Do for You in 2021

The branding sphere has evolved all over the years, from traditional manual logo design to digital means, and from simple to sophisticated product packaging among others. Every year, businesses need to think and implement innovative ways to stand out from the competition. And one way to do so is by updating your brand design.

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What is brand design? This marketing term refers to the visual representation of a brand, including logos, product packaging, business cards, taglines, account profile photos, social media pages, and websites. In short, any design elements that constitute your brand make up your brand design.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of updating your brand design in 2021, which can serve as your reference when planning to update yours in order to attain your branding objectives. Updating it can:

  1. Help You Become More Innovative

Did you know that innovation is every business owner’s best friend? With the rapidly changing needs of consumers, businesses that embrace innovation climb up the ladder of success way faster than the others.

According to a creative agency named Idea Dolls, your brand is made up of little elements that open up to reveal another, likened to a matryoshka doll. You need to keep discovering each facet of your business and innovating until you get to the main core – making your brand iconic, effectively communicating your brand message to customers and investors.

It’s about time to do great things concerning your brand by doing the following:

  • Redefining exclusive product category that usually relies on stereotyped designs.
  • Aligning your product design to the new generation of shoppers.
  • Innovating product terminologies on product design labels, avoiding generic branding such as “sanitary napkin” to “menstrual wear.”
  • Imposing clear, transparent messaging.
  1. Create A Strong Customer Base

Branding agencies in San Francisco are a critical aspect of any business. Updating your brand design can help you build your group of loyal clients and consumers and drive more sales. Excellent branding examples provide great inspiration to startups and small business owners, helping them create and update their own brand design to be effective in attaining their target goals.

Here are some ways to create a strong customer base by updating your design:

  • Emphasize your brand attributes.
  • Drive authenticity in your design, avoiding copy-cat designs.
  • Be consistent with your brand message across different marketing platforms to establish a strong brand voice.
  • Design your brand to tell a story by placing the right colors, font, and message elements all in one brand logo design.
  1. Show Your Brand’s Immense Power

The world’s most powerful brands have one thing in common. They have a notable presence that emanates from their powerful and authentic branding design. Your brand speaks for itself. The more impactful your brand design is, the more powerful it looks and feels like.

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For this reason, updating your brand design for the better will surely bring more opportunities and sales to your business. But how do you unleash your brand’s immense power? Check the following tips below:

  • Implement Brand Design Trends: Consider implementing logo design trends that might work for you, such as nature-inspired logo design, animated logos, and isometric and three-dimensional logo designs.
  • Be Unique: Don’t be afraid to veer away from stereotype designs. The more authentic and one of a kind your brand design is, the better. You don’t have to copy what Starbucks, Nike, or Apple has implemented in their designs. Bring out the best in your brand by aiming to stand out from the rest and creating your unique brand.
  • Make Your Own Rules: Are you afraid to break the rules? Don’t be. Graphic design may have some sort of implied rules. But it doesn’t mean you’re prohibited to experiment and try something aggressive or new. You can create your own rules and be surprised by how amazing your ideas are. Of course, this tactic would entail testing to become effective once you launch it on-site or publicly to ensure success.
  1. Improve Traffic And Boost Sales

As mentioned, the brand design does not only apply to your company logo and product packaging. It also applies to your digital marketing tools, such as your website and social media pages. Updating your brand design in these platforms will help in driving more customers into your website and increasing engagement with them to ultimately boost your sales. So, what makes a great website branding design?

Apart from the visual aspects, a crucial part of online branding includes the following:

  • The loading speed of your website
  • Privacy and data security features
  • Ease of navigating your website or user experience (UX) design/copy
  • Mobile-friendliness and compatibility


Updating your brand design is a great way to show your target audience that you’re innovative or open to changes and new challenges. It creates a strong customer base by attracting more people to trust your brand and avail of your products and services.

You can show your brand’s immense power in influencing people’s buying decisions by being brave enough to implement new design trends and avoiding stereotypes. By keeping in mind the important points shared above, you’ll reap the promising rewards of having an updated brand design, including more traffic, leads, and a higher return on investment (ROI).

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