What Will Dating Look Like Post-Pandemic? 

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Sex and intimacy are human needs. For singles everywhere, the spread of coronavirus has scuppered these basic survival needs.

Now that lockdown restrictions are being eased, horny singles will naturally look to get back in the groove. However, health officials warn that meeting strangers for shookups increases the risk of contracting Covid-19.

It is understood that coronavirus can be passed from person to person through close contact. Kissing is almost certainly out – and kissing is one of the primary arousal triggers for some people.

Health officials are also trying to discourage face-to-face sex. Guidance notes issued by officials in New York City suggests wearing masks, using glory holes and embracing positions that do not involve facing one another.

Sex Is Getting Saucier

For many people, sex in the post-pandemic era will have to be more imaginative. Couples in long-term relationships could turn to role play if boredom is starting to creep into the bedroom.

According to Khara Cartagena, the owner of the Velvet Lily sex shop in Philadelphia, “sales have shifted to lingerie, performance pills, and gallons of massage oil.”

Singles hoping to get back on to the dating scene, together with people looking for one-night stands and partners for occasional hookups, have to be more careful.

Although coronaviruses are not thought to be transmittable through sexual intercourse, the virus is passed on through respiratory droplets ingested through the eyes, nose and mouth.

Oral sex and masturbation with someone at a safe distance is also not a risk. With the exception of missionary and analingus, it is possible to practice safe sex post-pandemic.

Is Masturbation a Sin in the Bible? The Bible does not explicitly address the topic of masturbation. While some interpretations of certain verses may lead to differing views on sexual behaviors, the absence of clear directives has led to a wide range of perspectives among Christians. Some consider masturbation to be a sin, while others view it as a natural and morally neutral human behavior. The key is to engage in a thoughtful examination of one’s own beliefs and seek guidance from spiritual leaders or mentors if needed.

Screening Hookups

Coronavirus is changing the ground rules of dating. Even in the digital age, messaging services and texting seemed like the only appropriate form of communication.

In the pre-pandemic era, calling a person or suggesting a video-chat would have been considered creepy and pushy.

The pandemic has changed the typical rules of approach. Connecting by video in the early stages is a welcome tool on the dating scene – not least to see if the person you are planning to meet looks ill.

Experts believe video-dating will become the new normal moving forward. Online dating site users call it the “vibe check” as it helps couples determine whether there is any chemistry.

Before arranging a possible one night stand encounter with a potential partner, it is recommended that you ask general covid-19 questions for screening purposes.

  1. Have you felt ill recently?
  2. Have you had a cold with a fever and difficulty breathing?
  3. Are you in contact with anybody that is classed as vulnerable?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, the safest option is to stay home.

Assuming you do meet a lover and things progress to the bedroom, take covid-precautions. And if you do need a substitute for kissing to make things sexy, use your imagination to explore ways of being arousing.  Remember that as the challenges of the pandemic have eventually given way to a new dating landscape, the trials and tribulations of dating frustrations will also pass. The ‘this too shall pass Bible verse‘ is worth pondering.

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