What you need to know about Car Shipping if you are in the Military

Moving from one station to another is part of being in the military and the process of having to move it’s not easy. It will be even more challenging if you are intending to bring your personal vehicle with you. Car shipping when you’re in the military can be a frustrating step, but it is not impossible to do.

If you are interested in knowing how to ship your car if you are in the military, then you are on the right page. This article contains valuable information about military and Hawaii car transport.

How Much to Ship a Car to Hawaii or Other Stations?

Is there a price difference between shipping your car when you are in the military? The answer is yes.

Firstly, you can ship your privately owned vehicle or POV for free if you are transferring from one overseas station to another or vice versa. However, this will only be the case if you have received a Permanent Change of Station order and qualify for specific requirements.

Here are the instances when you can be eligible for free POV shipping from the state:

  • If you are an active US armed force member
  • If you are an authorized retiree
  • If you are a Department of Defense civilian with appropriate orders.

Take note that the free car shipping benefit is only applicable for one vehicle. If you have another one, the cost of transportation of that said vehicle will be entirely out of your pocket.

Secondly, another difference in vehicle shipping costs when you are in the military is discounts. Several car shipping companies offer military or veteran discounts. This can significantly lower the car shipping’s overall price even if you take the fee out of your own pocket.

What Can Be Considered as POV for Military Personnel?

Not all types of vehicles can be considered as a POV if you are in the military. The term POV generally refers to wheeled motor vehicles that are self-propelled.

However, if your vehicle is a “low rider,” it will be disqualified. It must have at least 6 inches of ground clearance. This is to ensure that damage is mitigated during the loading and unloading of the vehicle to the carrier.

Furthermore, the military personnel’s POV must not weigh beyond 20 tons. You can determine the tons measurement of your vehicle by using the length x height x weight divided by 40 formula.

When to Ship your POV?

Are you wondering when the right time to ship your POV is? The answer depends on which branch of the military you belong to.

Air Force or Army

Your POV will be eligible for shipping in a 90-day timeframe the moment your dependents or you have left for the overseas assignment. However, this is only the case if the assignment is for more than 1 year. But, if it’s only less than one year, then the POV will be eligible for shipping within a 30-day timeframe.

Suppose the vehicle is not yet shipped within 90 days; an overseas commander’s approval is needed so that it will still be shipped. Plus, there must still be one year of service left on your tour once your POV has been delivered.

Navy or Marine Corps

You can ship your POV if you have 12 more months left on your overseas duty from the moment it is delivered. However, an exception can be made if your POV is required for your duties. But, it must be determined by your commanding officer.

Can You Load Personal Items on Your POV?

The idea of stuffing your car with personal items to save money from shipping it separately might sound attractive. However, you need to take careful consideration of the things that you will put on your car when shipping it to another station. This is because some personal items cause delays due to port inspections. In some cases, these items can even be confiscated or lost.

Here are the items that you can ship together with your vehicle:

  • Mounted or unmounted spare tire or snow tires
  • Racks and luggage support
  • Strollers, car seat, and baby carriage
  • Tools under $200
  • Car maintenance or repair items (i.e., warning signs, tire chains, fire extinguisher, car jacks, first aid kit, and jumper cables.)

Here are some items that you should not load on your vehicle for shipping:

  • TV sets
  • DVD players
  • Anything hazardous or Flammable (i.e., paints, polish, and oils)
  • Vehicle accessories that are not permanently installed
  • Spillable liquids

Final Words

One of the biggest obstacles of being in the military is having to transfer to different places constantly. This is car shipping can be easily considered a difficult process. However, the nice thing about being in the military is that there can be several benefits of being on the job.

One of the biggest benefits is being able to ship one of your POVs for free if you are eligible. If you have another vehicle to ship, some companies offer discounts for military personnel.

Although dealing with car shipping when you’re in the military is quite challenging and frustrating, it is not an impossible feat. You just need to know how things work and what your benefits are. Hopefully, that is exactly what you learned from reading this article.

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