What you Need to Know about Fat Grafting

When you are waging a war against aging, your face will serve as the key battleground. Everyone is aware of the most obvious signs of aging, such as frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet, drooping cheeks and brows, wrinkles around the mouth, jowly jaws, thinning lips, sagging necks and pretty much sagging everything. At one point or another, people will have to deal with these signs of aging. In addition, your face also becomes collateral damage if you are waging a war against weight. If you spend time in the gym, you will be able to get thin. However, the skinnier you get, the older you will appear to be.

You cannot find a quick fix to this problem. Skin problems may actually run deeper than skin deep. Sometimes, what is below the surface is what makes a difference, or more accurately, what cannot be found, such as fat. Think of a baby’s face, a pinch-able one. What do you think holds the skin up? It is the collagen and subcutaneous facial fat that does the job. However, once you reach your 20s, these natural support structures in your skin start diminishing. This is referred to as loss of volume. The loss continues, as does the aging process and the result is the lines you see on your face.

Likewise, there are other casualties as well. Loss of collagen and fat can lead to sagging of breasts, hands and buttocks and cause wrinkles. Is it possible to reverse the process i.e. put the fat back? Luckily, the answer to this question is yes. Fat grafting @Drpotter.com is one option that you can explore. Even though this procedure has existed for decades, it is now enjoying a sudden increase in popularity, enough that it has even managed to replace some surgical facelifts.

Why is this the case?

The only way to understand is to look into fat grafting and know exactly what it entails.

To begin with, fat grafting refers to a surgical procedure in which the fat from one of the area in your body is removed and then grafted or transferred into another area. To put it simply, it is nothing less than a fat transplant and the only difference is that you are both, the donor and recipient, in this process. As it is your own tissue that’s being transferred, there doesn’t have to be any concern about rejection. Of course it is surgery, but the procedure falls under the minor category because the incisions that are made are quite small.

It is the canula that’s used for harvesting the fat and it is re-injected into the body through the needle, both of which are quite tiny. Nonetheless, the results that you can get from these are major ones. If it is done successfully, fat grafting will be able to minimize the nasolabial folds, fill in depressed areas, enhance your cheekbones, smooth the hollows under your eyes and boost your jaw lines. It has proven to be a safe technique over the years and has generated long-lasting results for many.

The best thing about fat grafting is that you can use it on any part of your body and not just your face. You can also use it for your breasts, hands and your buttocks. It is more commonly used for restoring facial volume, though, because it can be quite useful in restoring all the volume that people often lose from their cheeks, temples and lips due to aging. Anyone who has gotten tired of sagging and drooping regions of the face can go for fat grafting. This procedure is also recommended for those who are undergoing breast reconstruction, or who want to eliminate the telltale indications of breast implants.

More recently, fat grafting has experienced a surge in popularity and is getting more preference, as opposed to other traditional cosmetic surgeries, like surgical facelifts. This is due to the fact that fat grafting tends to be the less invasive procedure of the two and it can provide a more youthful and natural appearance. The point is to create an illusion of youth and full lips, cheeks and temples can be quite useful in creating the appearance of vitality, health and youth.

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