What You Need To Know About Using A Casino Online In Spain

When people think about Spain, they think about beautiful beaches, sun, wine, and bullfights. But Spanish people also love gambling. In fact, it’s one of their favorite pastimes, and the country has one of the most flourishing gambling industries in Europe because Spaniards are an avid gambling nation. The state national lottery is the most popular form of gambling in Spain, but online gambling has also gained popularity over the last years. Spaniards’ prefer gambling activities like online gambling games, poker games, lottery, and bingo games. Because everyone loves to gamble, Spain has firm regulations. For example, the law prohibits minors under 18 to enter any gaming venue (bingo halls, gaming parlours, slot machine centres) or use online casinos. The Spanish Gambling Act coordinates online betting regulation and extends over all regions, even if each autonomous area has its own laws. However, the Spanish gambling regulations are considered more relaxed than the ones from other European states. 

Suppose you just arrived in Spain, or you’ve recently decided to learn more about online casino games. In that case, you may find this article useful because it provides you with the necessary information to play legally. Make certain you understand what using an online casino implies because when you play for money, your knowledge directly impacts your success.    

Understand the relevant regulation

The Spanish law establishes that the state and local authorities have the responsibility to regulate the gambling market. The state authorities control all gambling activities offered in more than two regions at a time. When the event is provided in a single region, the local authorities are empowered to manage and control it. In conclusion, the national authorities monitor and control the gambling services that have a national public. Online casinos and national lotteries are examples of such events. Local authorities focus their efforts on regulating brick-and-mortar organizations and activities. Online casinos, however, are regulated by both national and regional authorities, but the extent of the local institutions is limited because their scope is restricted to managing only the games offered to their region’s residents. 

The General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling Activities is a special authority entitled to monitor, control, and regulate Spain’s gambling activities. Spain allows gambling activities, but national laws regulate them. The Gambling Act is the key legislative reference for the industry because it sets the general rules related to gambling at the national level. Its purpose is to control the national gambling activities with the help of mass communication, the Internet, media, and other interactive means. As stated before, alongside this Act, Spain also has multiple secondary regulatory acts that establish the regulatory regime. 

What you should know about online gambling in Spain?

In 2002, legalization and regulation of online gambling was first established in Spain. However, it took a couple of years for the betting landscape to settle, and in 2011 the Spanish Gambling Act provided an official framework for licensing online gambling operators. But even with the act in place, there are many fraudulent gaming websites, so if you want to ensure you’re playing games from a trustworthy operator, you should check the list an online casino directory provides because they classify online casinos according to their reliability and customer satisfaction levels. 

Because online casinos are quite popular in Spain, Spanish is one of the most prominent languages used in the gambling world. Sites that welcome Spanish players offer different types of gambling activities, software platforms, prizes, features, or bonuses. With the gambling regulations in place, things are more reliable than they were before 2011. Most casinos accept Spaniards nowadays, even if they aren’t located within the country’s borders. However, considering the significant number of companies that operate in Spain, it’s challenging to pick a gambling provider. To protect yourself against scams, experts recommend to always choose a licensed online casino. This makes them more reliable, and you feel safer to offer them your personal data and money. The Spanish authorities regulate their operations and ask them to be transparent with their clients. 

Spaniards who prefer online gambling have two options to play. They can do it directly on the operator’s website if their device and browser support it, or download the software and install it on their devices. Most times, there’s no difference on the effects, features, and graphics a game has on the website and in the app. Maybe the benefit to play it on the official website is that the users can access it from any devices connected to an Internet network. 

Some extra things you may want to know

  • The majority of online operators that offer gambling in Spain, accept players from any part of the globe, and therefore they accept all main foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies. But if you prefer to use a casino that concentrates on a local market like Central America, it may allow only a local currency. 
  • A great number of online casinos allow worldwide playing, but some restrict access from specific regions. If the operator you prefer has such restrictions, they’ll notify you when registering on their platform. If you cannot find information about the regions, they ban from using their website and software, ask the support team if they allow users from Spain. 
  • A bulk of operators provide games in Spanish because the Spaniards are known for their love for online gambling. Worldwide available casinos have English as predefined language, but they also provide access to other languages. Look for a button that allows you to select the language. 
  • Casinos addressing the Spanish public offer a wide range of games from many software developers like Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, Playtech, and NetEnt. The game selection includes table games, scratch cards, poker, dealer games, and slots. 

Luckily, if you reside in Spain, you have access to safe and regulated online gambling, and you can enjoy the experience from your internet-connected devices or by visiting a brick-and-mortar location. 

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