What You Need to Know about WebRTC Technology for Video Streaming App

If you want to create your own unique streaming application, then don’t forget to implement WebRTC.  And what are these and what advantages this technology will give, we will find out in this article.

Main characteristic of WebRTC

Let’s start with the concept. The abbreviation WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communications.  This is a modern technology that will allow you to communicate in real time using a browser. This technology is very popular, especially in applications related to live broadcasting. Therefore, the demand for webrtc development companies is growing.

New protocols for data and information transfer, as well as increasing computing and management capabilities of servers, mean that today’s needs that could previously only be solved with hardware and software are solved in a safe and efficient manner locally, which hinders the continuous updating of each installation and the integration between  them. Among the advantages of this technology are speed, security and availability. Factors that pave the way for digital transformation in the field of security and, in particular, in video surveillance.

The WebRTC communication protocol is an open source project that aims to provide peer-to-peer video/audio communication between two agents in real time. In terms of performance, it is the communication protocol with the lowest latency, which is half a second under optimal conditions compared to the three seconds offered by its next competitor, LL-HSL. This factor makes it ideal for implementing real-time solutions such as chats, live conferences or security cameras.

On the other hand, these types of applications that deal with real-time video and audio communications must address a very important issue: security.

The WebRTC protocol is not only the fastest, but also the most secure among other competitors.

Compatibility and Upgradability

The protocol was created to be able to do this type of communication directly in browsers that promote it (Google, Firefox). This means that the protocol is pre-installed in the browser, no plugins, external libraries or third-party applications are required. This, in addition to the advantages in application development, also leaves aside the updating of their internal libraries by the browsers themselves.  These are the ones that update any security flaws that may exist. For this reason, we won’t have to worry about deprecation or security holes as they will be patched by the browsers themselves. Our sole concern in this regard is to keep browsers updated to the latest version. In addition, not having to make any local installations reduces the chances of viruses infiltrating those installations. The protocol is supported by Google, Firefox, Microsoft, Apple, Opera and all browser companies.

In conclusion, based on our experience, the WebRTC protocol is one of the most secure protocols that can be used for streaming and conferencing solutions, as well as the fastest protocol of its generation.  This technology is secure because all communications must be encrypted and secure, and uses common open communication protocols that have been tested in endless scenarios.

Therefore, it’s time to apply modern technologies such as WebRTC in your streaming applications. This way you can stay competitive in the market and make your application one of the best.

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